Herman Cain Karen Kraushaar: Kraushaar’s Claim Similar to Bialek’s – Filed Sexual Harassment at 2 Jobs

The rundown on Karen Kraushaar‘s claims against Herman Cain follow. Among them, her attorney is saying she will talk and detail the claims, and he says her claims are similar to Sharon Bialek‘s (groping and pushing her head to his crotch). Interestingly, one of Kraushaar‘s former supervisors at Immigration and Naturalization spoke to her recently by phone. That former supervisor now works as a Democrat strategist.

Karen Kraushaar at Elian Gonzalez Press Conference

1) Kraushaar has been a reporter, editor and has worked for the Consumer Safety Product Commission. (See link at No. 8 below.)

2) She is one of two women who received a $45,000 severance package after she accused Herman Cain of some kind of sexual harassment.

3) In 1999 she co-authored a children’s book.

4) Three years after the Cain complaint (2002) she took a job at the Immigration and Naturalization Services (INS). She filed a complaint of a “semi-raunchy” email from her then-boss: Email details:

…listed the reasons why men and women were like computers. They are like men because “in order to get their attention, you have to turn them on,” the joke went. They are like women because “even your smallest mistakes are stored in long-term memory for later retrieval.”

The email was not sent just to her personally, it was circulated within the office (See the link at No. 6 below).

5) Same job: claimed unfair treatment after an auto accident. She wanted to work from home. They didn’t want to her to work from home. Two supervisors said she had asked to work from home prior to the accident, as well. Another complaint filed. She said she may have been discriminated against..

6) Same job: For that “discrimination,” former supervisors said she asked for “thousands of dollars in back pay,” reinstatement of the leave she took, a promotion to up her federal pay scale (increasing her salary $12,000-$16,000), and a one-year fellowship to Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. Today she doesn’t “remember” asking for the fellowship, promotion or the payment for back pay.

7) About her high-profile work at the INS: She was an INS spokeswoman as the Service battled the U.S. family of Elian Gonzalez. Elian was 6 or 7 years old at that time. His mother escaped Cuba with her son and 12 others in 1999 in a small aluminum boat. An engine problem and a storm swamped the boat. The mother’s boyfriend put young Elian in an inner tube and saved his life. He was rescued by the U.S. Coast Guard and taken to his Miami family.

His Cuban father began a quest to get his son back to Cuba. In the end, then-Attorney General Janet Reno ordered the boy back to his father. INS took Elian away from the arms of his relatives in a dramatic event complete with high-powered weaponry and full combat gear. He has lived in Cuba since.

Kraushaar is quoted saying the woman INS chose to go in and grab Elian was “the appropriate person for the operation, saying Elian “bonded with the woman right away.” (See his terrified face in the photo below.)

The Elian Gonzalez event is still seen by many Americans, as the death of freedom for the young boy whose mother gave her life to get her son to the United States. He has been the very public pawn of the Castro boys since. (In the quote, Kraushaar loaded her rhetoric with: “interactive,” “bonded” “all the pieces,” and “was wedded.”) She may be a Republican as is claimed, but doesn’t sound like it to me.

8) In 2003 she dropped the complaints against the INS.

Elian Gonzalez (R)

9) Currently works in an Inspector General’s office in the U.S. Treasury as a spokeswoman.

10) Her current attorney was also her attorney in the INS complaints. Attorney Joel Bennett says the NRA has waived the confidentiality agreement.

11) Today her attorney is alluding that Kraushaar‘s complaints against Cain’s were “similar” to Bialek‘s (under the skirt groping, shoving her head to his crotch. (See link at No. 4 above.)

12) Today she is saying she WILL provide details of her complaints against Cain (See the link in No. 6 above).

13) She will not confront Cain without other accusers standing in front of the camera with her.

14) She is quoted recently telling a former supervisor, Maria Cardona, at INS, that Cain is a “monster.”

“Maria, now you know why I have always been so grateful to you, you saved me from this monster,” Kraushaar said, according to Cardona. Cardona was the person who hired Kraushaar to work at the INS. Cardona now works as a Democratic strategist for the Dewey Square Group and served as a senior adviser to the Hillary Clinton for President campaign.

15) Kraushaar is the woman Cain recalled gesturing to, that she was about the same height as his wife.

So what to make of the whole thing: well, in this case, we believe the accusers. In Bill Clinton’s case, we refused to believe the accusers, because, well…Bill Clinton was just so darn charming. Turned out Clinton lied. Herman Cain is certainly charming, he can sing, he has a brilliant smile, but he’s not a Democrat. That’s the bottom line difference.

To sum it up I’ll quote Protein Wisdom: (which quoted my article on Sharon Bialek this week – thanks so much!)

We’re living through an attempted coup. And our major worry seems to be how well Herman Cain’s staff is handling suggestions that he once made a pass at a woman. Who waited 16 years to hold a press conference about it.

No wonder we’re so well and truly f**ked.

Stacy McCain has a great essay on the “object of the game,” “winning,” and “weakness.” Read it and think about it. The stakes are high.

UPDATE: The Lonely Conservative has the link to the AP report.

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  • I thought I read somewhere today that Bialek lived in Axelrod’s building, good grief.

    This all an accurate preview of what we’ll be seeing from the pond scum of Team Obama all throughout 2012- expect the worst, patriots

    • Bialek did live in Axelrod’s tony Lake Shore Drive condominium complex. I think she was sub-letting. A lien was filed against her for non-payment of rent. She moved to another Lake Shore Drive address, and more lien’s were filed.

      She lives in Chicago. She has worked for several radio stations. She knows plenty of people who know Barack Obama – she has to have some access to the Chicago machine. Who knows, this may be the doing of Rahm Emanuel.

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  • Her son worked at …

    (you guessed it)…

    Politico. (cough)

    My, what an unbelievable coincidence.