Herman Cain Ginger White: 13 Year Affair – News Stops at Bedroom Door?

Ginger White claims she had an inappropriate 13-year affair with Herman Cain, and Cain only denies that there was anything sexual in the relationship. But, but…Cain’s attorney says this is no claim of sexual harrassment. This was private, an “alleged consensual conduct between adults,” and he said news like this should not be be news…”boundaries end outside of one’s bedroom door.” See the video below. See ongoing updates below.

Ginger White

Ginger White has some intense financial problems, lawsuits, bankruptcies and filed a sexual harassment suit against an employer in 2001. Today she is unemployed. Isn’t this always the case? How often do you hear of a woman financially well-off entering into the kind of relationship White is claiming and Cain is doing a poor job of denying?

Skipped right over in most of the stories is White’s comment that she did not like the way Cain went after the previous female accusers.

Fox Atlanta:

“It bothered me that they were being demonized, sort of, they were treated as if they were automatically lying, and the burden of proof was on them,” White said. “I felt bad for them.”

White says the sex stopped 8 months ago when he began his political campaign.

The article linked above says that a “tipster” called Fox 5 News with information about Ginger White and Herman Cain, and called other media as well.

IF it is true that White and Cain traveled together for 13 years – or any period of time, IF he “gifted” her lavishly, IF, IF, IF, he called her at 4 am as ABC says records show, IF he had constant contact with her, and White was not working for Cain (in the traditional way we think of “work,”) he needs to get out of the race.

Relationships matter, including those behind the bedroom or Oval Office door, when it comes to the U.S. presidency. It mattered that Obama was a close friend of domestic terrorist William Ayers. It matters that Obama has no relationship with Israel. It matters that Obama has many close associations and friendships with radical Muslims and it certainly matters IF Herman Cain thought he could get away with flying a woman around the country for a meet-up. We don’t need blackmail available in the White House.

This has to be devastating for Cain’s wife Gloria and his son and daughter. Maybe Mrs. Cain will come out and say she knew all about Ginger White and there is no there “there.” I’m betting that will not happen.

UPDATE 11-29-11 @ 11:10 am CDT: A report on Fox News quoted Herman Cain saying he would “swear on a stack of Bibles” that his relationship with Ginger White was not illicit (illicit is my word, not his) – and that he has asked his staff to reassess is campaign potential.

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Ginger White on Herman Cain and a 13-year Affair (video)

Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook

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  • Harley Johnson

    G. Soro is paying well.

  • David

    In America actually the burden of proof is on the accuser? Innocent until proven guilty??? False accusations are rampant in politics. It’s the weapon of choice to eliminate a competitor by many politicians. There’s a process in our country to address criminal behavior and it’s not trial by media. For serious consideration of any candidate an unbiased evaluation of the evidence would be expected. What is happening in the bias of media hype is far from serious or considered credible evidence. One can conclude from all of this media attention given to Herman Cain that he is an obvious political threat if he were to run against President Obama.
    Fair is fair though. If this media process is how we nominate and elect people to the presidency then let’s investigate every candidate or sitting president by the same process. Let’s talk about their personal lives and associations. But clearly this is not the point. If it were then someone, anyone, from Obama’s past would have come forward by now. The media is only interested in their political agendas and not in what is best for Americans.
    So far Herman Cain has demonstrated a superior ability to hold the office of the President of the U.S. than Obama. For this reason and for this reason alone he is being smeared in the media. It’s hypocritical, immoral and possibly even racist to judge this man based solely on the non sexual allegations leveled against him by the media.
    If he were being slandered by these people (media included) would the media report on that?

    • David, we are not in a court of law. We are in the decision-making process. We are picking a president. I do agree that I would gladly vote for Cain before voting for Obama, and I would vote for Cain before some of the other candidates.

      We have to face the fact that the media will never vet a Liberal, but Conservatives vet our own. It’s what we do.

      • David

        Innocent until proven guilty and the accuser must bear the burden of proof is not just a court of law ideology. It’s the ideology of free people. You may choose whichever method of deciding on a presidential candidate you like and I will do the same. If you are saying that giving unsubstantiated support to Cain’s accusers and to the media is your vetting process for Herman Cain and placing a conservative stamp on it then so be it. My conservative process for vetting is to A. Not trust the media and B. Not immediately take any accusers word on anything in a heated political field of presidential candidates. All of the horrible things that I mentioned in the above comment were in fact done by the current administration to include Obama himself.
        There are accusers that magically appear against every conservative candidate. Mrs Palin has had her share of them as well. Most of these accusations in the end prove false after even a little scrutiny. Joining the witch hunt, even just intellectually, is not vetting anything.
        For me I would rather Mr Cain stay focused on the issues and not veer himself into a ditch for the sake of a smear campaign against him. There is a civil process in place here in America for righting wrongs and a trial by media is not it.
        At this point its simply too premature to jump to any conclusions about any of these accusations. If and when and how he chooses to address these accusations is only secondary to how he would address the serious issues that face our nation. This is my view and my process. To keep an open mind and weigh everything with considerable thought without bias or prejudice. To me this is the conservative approach.

        • My philosophy is trust but verify. All Cain has to do is say the magic words, and explain what his attorney said, and all is well with his campaign. My mind is open and I am weighing what Cain is saying or not saying. He is in control.

        • I agree with David they judge people by a mostly liberal media who support Obama and our controlled by George Soros.

    • I believe not one thing about these affairs are true.I think george Soros and Obama are behind this attack. Hermain is a threat to Obama losing the black and hispanic vote.Obama can not use race in his attack with Herman.

      • I have no doubt Soros is paying off as quickly as he can, and if not Soros, David Axelrod. Cain is a threat not only to Obama, but to Liberalism and racism.

  • Mary

    How can you say something so stupid. Never mind small minds work on a small and narrow path. In your mind Ginger should never have to worry about financial problems again BUT WAIT Herman said he was financially helping her so why would she have had all these financial troubles with Herman”s keen sense of business. Surely he had enough connections to get her a “beamer” job at Burger King. Maybe Herman just thinks he is a good businessman. He sure seems to like poor women. If he would lie to his wife, his family, his friends and himself then what makes you think he wouldn’t lie to you/

    • David

      You are indeed entitled to your opinion regardless of how emotional, rude or ignorant it may be. Your comment, however, does not accomplish anything but perpetuate the bias and prejudice that the media is projecting. If you were to step back, take a few deep breaths and hold off on the judge – jury – executor against Mr Cain and wait until some facts actually present themselves, you just might have more information to make a thoughtful and rational decision.
      By the way, do you happen to see the irony in your comment to me?
      I am not defending Herman Cain. And also I am not convinced these accusers are all being honest. And also I do not yet have enough evidence to eliminate Mr Cain as a viable candidate. For this you say I am stupid and small minded?

    • first of all what makes you think he,s lying. these women waited till now to say something. and Ginger says she had an affair for years with a married man which proves she is dishonest and a liar.Not caring about destroying this man,s family. I truelly believe someone is gonna pay her big money down the line for this. all these women have alot of baggage ,If some moral classy rich lady said something I might believe it ,maybe

  • Mike Rogers

    Cain’s lawyer did him no favors with the lawyerly response about private life.
    Cain’s own response was much more forthright, and a total denial of anything except for helping a friend, who was known to his wife.
    The “friend”, on the other hand, has a history of trying to live off others, has rendered herself unemployable by falsley charging sexual harassment in the past, and was so obnoxious that her former business partner (a woman) took out a restraining order and sued for defamation.
    In other words, Ginger White is exactly the kind of person who would make this stuff up.


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  • David, this is my last word on this: Liberals refused to look into Barack Obama’s background, and when they could not avoid it, they swept it under the rug. We must not become liberal in our research today. Cain must help us in this research. To repeat: Cain can easily put all this to rest. So far, he has chosen not to.


  • Mary

    Too many smoking guns on this one and Cain with his memory problem and changing stories. You said Cain’s wife knew White. Originally he said his wife did not know White and have never met her. When did he change his story or suddenly remember that. Cain made the choice to run for president and he knew this sort of thing would happen. I am sorry but Obama has lied and snuck things through while we were unable to do a thing about it. I surely don’t want another president who will just say he doesn’t have to talk about it. I guess all the powers that be got to Cain’s attorney, too. Cain’s attorney could have shortened his statement to he did it but it is none of your business.

  • Mary

    David, I wasn’t calling you stupid and narrow minded, I was calling Harley stupid and narrow minded with the Soros remark. I didn’t see your comment until after I posted mine but how many women have to come forward and how many of these stories does he have to “reject”?

  • Mary

    Wait, wait, wait…..SHE broke up his family? Whatis was his contribution to this? And who had the comittment to his family? Regardless of any of the who did what to who my opinion and decision wasn’t based on any of the “she-saids” but from the he said this then he said that and who knows what he will say next. I certainly don’t want another president who lies just to lie.

  • David

    Ok then I apologize Mary that I misunderstood you. It’s sad for conservatives when finally a conservative candidate comes forward to run against Obama and is immediately slandered. Cain seems to be a true (non-professional politician) and Reagan conservative. He still has my vote unless and until anything substantial will eliminate him from the race. He is still the most conservative candidate running.
    I had hopes for Palin but she’s not running. If we look at who the media attacks the hardest and most unfairly it is those candidates that are the most conservative; Palin and Cain. Palin and Cain or Cain and Palin? Hmmm. I think I would like that ticket in either form.
    Nonetheless here are the facts so far as we know:
    1. The medias biggest owner is George Soros and has the most control over their content and direction; i.e., marching orders.
    2. The media is an arm of the entire range of left wing democrats/liberals whose main job since 2007 until now was/is to get Obama elected and re elected.
    3. The media collectively distort the truth and even outright lie to protect Obama and his administration’s wrongdoings while inversely applying the same method to attacking, smearing and even slandering conservative candidates.
    4. There are no moral depths too low for this media and it’s liberal constituency and will do anything and everything to protect Obama and to get him re elected.
    5. Not one single piece of evidence has to date been found to prove Mr Cain guilty of any wrongdoing. Allegations and accusations are not their own evidence.
    6. Mr Cain is not perfect.
    7. While any conservative or republican candidate would by far be preferential to Obama Cain at this time is the most conservative, followed by Bachmann and Santorum and much further back in the pack would be Newt, Perry and Paul with Romney at the very end.
    It would be most unfortunate if America lost in 2012 because of media slight of hand tricks and unsubstantiated allegations and accusations leveled against ANY of these candidates. The ONLY way America can win in 2012 is if America will come together to support the most conservative candidate running.
    I predict that if the GOP nominates Romney then Obama will get another 4 years.
    Let’s stay focused on America winning in 2012.