Herman Cain Could Say This

Herman Cain could say this: ‘I have never traveled with Ginger White. I have never flown her to my destination. I have never given her a gift that my wife would disapprove of.’  This current problem would be gone, assuming White cannot prove otherwise. Cain is a very smart man. He could say these things if they are truthful. As Ginger White said, it’s “pretty simple.” If he cannot truthfully say these things, he should return ALL the money donated to him by Americans who have adored him, believed in him and supported him.

(L-R) Ginger White, Gloria Cain, Herman Cain

This is not about Ginger White’s poor financial record, or a previous sexual harassment claim against an employer. It is about Herman Cain and what he has not said. What he has said is that he has not had sex with White, but his attorney says any news that happens behind the bedroom door should not be news. So somewhere there was a bedroom. We already have a president with all the wrong instincts. We don’t need another one. Read background and view Ginger White’s video here.

Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook

  • Ran

    Marital fidelity is not all of right instincts.

    Part of me doesn’t give a rip.

    From a rather pragmatic view, I’ll agree that a man who has a past ought be sharp enough to understand that he has no future. If this accuser is truthful, then Cain is indeed an idiot for seeking Office.

    • Hi Ran, hope you had a great Thanksgiving. I give a rip because we don’t need a president who can be blackmailed, and care enough to try to keep the secret. These women are coming out and so it is not blackmail, it’s the enticement of a big check from the National Enquirer. Until we hear that Gloria Cain knew and didn’t care, then I’m appalled because Cain has held himself up to be the man who would never do something like this. He doth protest too much.

      I agree with your pragmatic view.

  • The way the Cain campaign and his lawyer has handled these allegations has troubled me from the start. Instead of trying to prove his innocence, they are trying to explain it away. He isn’t my candidate of choice, but if he was, I would be having serious second thoughts about supporting him.

  • David

    What exactly is Herman Cain guilty of doing? I have not yet read anything proving him guilty of doing anything illegal or immoral. To my knowledge he has not lied to the American people in order to get access to $$ Billions to then give to his friends who then file for bankruptcy. He has not illegally given thousands weapons to Mexican drug cartels whom then illegally enter USA to kill Americans with those weapons. Herman Cain never murdered anyone for political gain to my knowledge. I have not read anywhere of his illicit drug use or associations with terrorists and felons. He and his wife seem to be happily married and they both love and are proud of their country.
    Including the above mentioned, I have yet to see anything of substance or significance of an illegal or immoral nature that would limit or negatively impact his ability to become the President. Simply there is no proof of any wrongdoing as of yet. It would behoove anyone seriously considering any candidate for the presidency to weigh all of the evidence and not to be so moved by biased media hype. Remember, the media tries to portray the tea party as violent mobs and at the same time praise and support OWS.

    • David, I understand what you are saying. I agree with you that Herman Cain has none of the above, but he MUST address what she said. There are so many ways he could deny this that would have weight to it, but he has taken none of those steps. I had no problem believing him in the other instances of women coming forward. You can that if you go through my Cain stories.

      If this is all media hype, I will have no trouble believing it, but Herman is not giving us the message that says none of this is true, I didn’t fly her to me EVER. My only gift was financial help when she desperately needed it. Should be very easy to prove.

      If you are saying that a 13-yr affair is not equal to killing someone, or equal to the other misdeeds you mention, I agree. I do not disqualify someone who has had an affair, but I do see it as a way to blackmail a president. He should have come out with this months ago, if it is true.

      If it’s all bad management on his part, that’s sad, but as I said, a president must have good instincts.

      • David

        For me it would be poor management of time, energy, and all resources if he stopped his campaign to address every allegation made by every accuser that the media can produce. His supporters are not paying him to run a media circus side show. The difference here between the liberals (media included) and the “purist” conservatives is that one wants to win at all costs and the other wants to win in a perfect world.
        The other side is not playing fair or clean and so if we do want to win we must focus on the grave national issues and only use our resources to address accusations from a smear campaign when facts of substance merit such actions. If I were Mr Cain I would make a statement, “Yes I did it or No I did not do it” and move on with the campaign. He has made too many of these defensive statements already. Enough is enough. The media is not the medium for which we can become judge-jury-executioner of media propaganda against any and all political opponents of Obama (meaning our side).
        As of now, Newt is moving to the right and is becoming the most nominative candidate but Cain is still the most conservative. There are only 2 reasons that Newt has moved to the top of the polls. 1. So far the media smear campaign against Cain has worked to some degree and 2. Newt is apt enough to know he had to move to the right to be at the top of the polls.
        Now that Newt has taken the lead the media will set out and do to him what they did to Palin and Cain. In the end Romney will be the only one left untouched by the media. The left want Romney because they know they can beat him in a run against Obama once he is the GOP nominee.
        Think. No one can manage the media attacks well enough to win and so its futile to attempt a head to head confrontation with them. There is no upside at all. Stay on message and stay on the issues. Period. The only way to address a media attack is to respond with the truth simply and clearly and to then return to the issues immediately.
        “Mr Cain there’s another unspecified accusation against you that says you did this or that how do you respond?”
        “Yes, I did that. Now, my position on these grave national issues are as follows…”
        “No I did not do that. Now, my position on these grave national issues are as follows….”
        He has done exactly that. Has his answers satisfied everyone concerned? No, and they never will. For some purists once an accusation is made the person is guilty forever. There’s actually a name for such judgments and its called prejudice.
        I want America to win in 2012. The most conservative candidate would give America the best chance for success. If the FACTS (not prejudice) eliminate them from the race then we go to the next most conservative candidate and so on and so forth.
        Cain has bent over backwards to respond to these numerous accusations and to continue to speak on the issues. The more he speaks on the issues the more accusations are thrown on him. There have been no facts to date. No charges of any kind. No evidence at all of any wrongdoing. If and whenever any facts do come out then it would be prudent to address him on these matters. Until then it only serves the agendas of the left to join their witch hunt against Cain.
        Case in point is the Tea Party Movement. The media have repeatedly attacked the Tea Party as racists, violent mobs, nazis, and on and on without any evidence at all whatsoever. At the same time these same media outlets refuse to report on the actual crimes of the OWS people and in fact support them.
        The media got Obama elected in 2008 and if we are easily distracted by their tactics they will get him re elected in 2012.

  • What bothers me, is the way Cain has misshandled it all. He’s got the worst advisors ever. My leanings are going to Newt.

  • Even with that said.. ain’t it wonderfull how the press still hasn’t ever interviewed any old girlfriends of our imperial leader.. not one student of his has come forward to talk about him as a professor… Nothing.. a blank past, but for a few photos of Berry, smokin weed or sitting a bit close to another male on a couch, with a lot of room to his one side to have sat. In other words an enigma wrapped in an enigma. And his brother still lives in a hut in Kenya.