Greta Van Susteren Gloria Cain: Herman Cains Wife on Greta Tonight Video

Gloria Cain will be on with Greta tonight.This is a good move on the part of the Herman Cain campaign. In this video you get to see and hear a bit from his children. In the second video Mrs. Cain talks about living in the White House and you see the Cain’s very attractive children.

Herman and Gloria Cain

If the videos disappear or do not work, view them at Fox News.

Gloria Cain with Greta Van Susteren (video)

Gloria Cain on Living in the White House and The Herman Cain Family (video)

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  • Damn, Greta beat me to this interview! Actually, this is a good move by Herman Cain.

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  • Man oh man.. you see that family, and just see how amazing they’ve been raised.. you can see that just in their demeanor.. There’s no way Cain could have tried to push any ones head into his lap.. or run his hand up the skirt.. I’m sorry.. just the stories coming from these woman just don’t ring my bell of truth. The fact that there are to many coincidences of this last lady being in Chicago.. living in the same building as Axelrod.. well excuse me.. look at Cain’s family and then think of that line of coincidences.. I rest my case…
    I’m an artist. I’ve trained myself to observe. I mean, I’m creating bronzes that deal with the past of our western history. I was never there. I wasn’t born till 105 years after the age of the Mountain man ended in 1840.. So how would I know anything if I didn’t train myself to read and to pick out those stories, pictures, paintings and experiences of those who lived back then, train myself to see fact and separate the fiction. My senses have been heightened over the past 50 years of research. I think I can pick out a lyer. Or at least be able to see with a clear mind.. the truth.
    If I have been fooled.. then it’s the best acting I’ve ever seen.