GOP Candiates on Family and Life Challenges: Full Video Iowa Thanksgiving Family Forum

Many thanks to David Lemon for sending the link for the full video of the Iowa Thanksgiving Family Forum. The video opens with a great song, but you can skip ahead to the 4:35 mark to get right into the discussion.

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Iowa Thanksgiving Family Forum (video)

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Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook

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  • Carl Middleton

    Maggie … I would like to add a great big thank you to David Lemon for sharing this link with you. This was the best forum to show the true hearts and minds of those running for President. We have here a real look into real answers, not sound bites. I hope every voter of both parties have a chance to watch this.

    Again … many thanks Maggie and David.

  • David Lemon

    Wow you found my link usefull.. cool. I’m trying to listen.. just been so busy. I got to the first question for Ron Paul.. when I had to turn it off and get my butt moving.. lol