Fox Panel: Stephen Hayes – Newt “Tiresome:” Krauthammer Newt “Condescending:” Missing Newt’s Point

I was just watching the Fox panel with Charles Krauthammer, and Weekly Standard’s Stephen Hayes. The discussion was of Newt’s fairly frequent debate habit of not-so-subtly bashing the media. Last night in the CNBC debate, Newt was asked about Occupy Wall Street. He said the occupiers didn’t know history, and said the media does not report “history” or “economics” accurately. Moderator Maria Bartiromo made the mistake of asking him to explain what the media reports inaccurately (read his full answer here). Tonight Hayes said Newt taking on the media is getting “tiresome,” and Krauthammer said he is “condescending.” Well, the point is, the media lies and distorts history and economics. The point was talking about “truth.”  Newt had a podium, he used it, and millions of us agree. The “kids” hanging out on the streets in the Occupy movement do not have a good background in American history or economics. Our children are are taught lies and distortions beginning in Middle School (and some elementary classrooms). It is no small surprise that our high school graduates and college age children do not understand how capitalism works – good grief, many can’t even read, and so prefer to redistribute the wealth, hang out on the streets until they go back home for Mom to do their laundry. I’m not tired of Newt’s talk about history and economics. It’s the story of our foundation. I want to hear more. The only condescension came from Bartiromo and other moderators throughout the debate.

Newt also asked (paraphrased): when Henry Ford invented the automobile, was he the 1% or the 99%. When Bill Gates dropped out of college and invented the PC, was he the 1% or the 99%, and then asked, if businesses do not make profits, who will pay for the parks being occupied. You go Newt!

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  • We posted the interchange with Bartiromo and called it: “Sexual Harassment? Gingrich Gives Bartiromo a ‘Dressing Down’.” (included the video)

  • A dressing-down, sure, but was she properly debriefed?