Elderly Man Knocked Out By Cowardly Hate-Filled Abomination at Chicago Avenue Red Line Stop

An elderly man was walking at a train station identified as the Chicago Avenue Red Line stop. He may have been asking for change (but maybe not). A man (looks like he is in his 20s) hit the elderly man on the side of the head, knocking him flat to the ground – perhaps knocked out, as he doesn’t move. The attacker was obviously proud of his cowardly act. The gutless cretin preened for the camera.  A White woman stopped, knelt by the downed man, tried to rouse him and is seen dialing her cell phone.


The coward got on the train and left the man lying there. He and his friends had a good laugh. Someone says: “You knocked his ass out.”  Their faces are clearly seen in the video. The injured man was taken to the hospital and has been released. Police apparently have the name of the suspect, but need to find the victim to press charges.

Elderly Man at Chicago Red Line Stop

Any parent responsible for raising children to grow into abominations like those seen in the video, should be charged each and every time their spawn causes harm to another.

In another truly horrid assault on a Senior in Texas, a 70-year-man, was gang-raped.

Elderly Man Punched by Punk at Chicago Red Line Stop (video)

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  • Another Modern American Hero, wonder why he’s not with the Occupiers.

    The victim was treated at a hospital… the police should be able to locate him without any problem if they want to..

  • Another fine example of Black culture. One day, if this piece of human trash is lucky, he will be an old man. May he be treated with the same regard as he did this man.

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  • Products of inferior breeding.

  • God help us if scum like this are growing up in beautiful America. Rats and roaches are noble compared to these worthless vermin.