Debbie Stabenow Challenged by Clark Durant, Gary Glenn and Pete Hoekstra

While we are focused on the Republican presidential nominee, it is time to begin an intense look at Republican U.S. House and Senate candidates. Senator Debbie Stabenow (D-Mich) is challenged by Republican Clark Durant, Republican Gary Glenn, and former Republican, Michigan Congressman Pete Hoekstra who left the House for a failed Governor’s race in 2010.

Clark Durant

Gary Glenn

Clark Durant is a co-founder of a Detroit charter school, and a former Vice President of Hillsdale College. He is credited with starting the excellent Imprimus publication. Gary Glenn is president of the American Family Association of Michigan and has won a couple of Tea Party straw polls.  The Other McCain says Durant is the GOP establishment favorite and details Pete Hoekstra’s support of “Big Labor.” Hoekstra’s website is here.

The first video below is Clark Durant speaking to a room full of Cornerstone Charter students. The second video is Gary Glenn on Restoring America and the American Decline – a choice, not an inevitability.

While you and I may not be a Michigan constituent, today we know that every representative of “the people” represents each of us. We may not have a vote, but we can know the candidates across the country, talk about them, support them – because the winner will have a vote, and that vote will affect you and me.

UPDATE 11-29-11: Randy Hekman also reminds me that he is running for the US Senate in Michigan. I will plan a profile of Mr. Hekman soon. In the meantime, you can see all of the candidates, by state, at my Election Central page (see the menu under my banner titled Elections US Senate 2012).

Clark Durant Speaking at Cornerstone Charter School (video)

Gary Glenn – American Decline is a Choice (video)

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  • And here’s Gary Glenn’s recent speech to the Lenawee 9-12 Tea Party group, followed by Q&A:

    And the full-length video of a recent Tea Party-sponsored debate, after which Glenn defeated Durant in the straw poll, 45 percent to 33 percent, with all other candidates in single digits:

  • Great reminder for us to start to focus on the House and Sendate Dem races, as well as any GOPers that have gone too far around the bend. We must take back the Senate in order to preserve our Supreme Court Nominees. Just as important as the Prez in my mind.

  • Maggie,

    I am also a viable candidate for US Senate in Michigan. Please check out our website and videos that are there. I am a former prosecutor and judge and have the record of going to organizations to change or fix them. Our federal government is broken and is in major need of repair, as we all know.


    Randy Hekman

    • Randy, I’ve added you to the article. I did have you in the menu under my banner, Elections US Senate 2012. I’ll do a profile in the coming days. I hope to highlight all of the candidates. Thanks for coming by and best of luck to you.

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