Dakota Meyer: Stands Up For Military – Sues BAE Systems, a Violator of Arms Control Restrictions

The short story is, recent Medal of Honor winner, Sergeant Dakota Meyer, objected to BAE Systems’ plan to sell “advanced thermal optic scopes” (high-tech sniper scopes) to Pakistan. The objection was via email to his BAE supervisor, Bobby McCreight.  In turn, McCreight allegedly contacted the Defense Department, saying that Meyer is “mentally unstable,” and had a problem with alcohol. It is also alleged that McCreight mocked Meyer’s Medal of Honor. Sgt. Meyer is suing BAE Systems for defamation. Meyer served on the Pakistan border and earned his Medal there. Conversely, BAE Systems was fined $400 MILLION for violating arms control restrictions and lying to federal officials. In 2011, they were fined an additional $48 MILLION. Who is looking our for our Military? Dakota Meyer instantly comes to mind.

Dakota Meyer

Pullout Quote:

Meyer wrote that it was “disturbing” how U.S. troops were being issued outdated equipment when better, advanced thermal optic scopes were being offered to Pakistan.

Left Coast Rebel:

In the suit, Sgt. Meyer said that after he voiced his criticism, Mr. McCreight began “berating and belittling” him. The supervisor criticized Sgt. Meyer for making a trip with their BAE division president and made sarcastic remarks about Sgt. Meyer’s nomination for the Medal of Honor, allegedly ridiculing his “pending star status,” the suit says.

At the end of May, Sgt. Meyer’s complaint said, he resigned from BAE over the proposed sale to Pakistan and attempted to get his old job back at Ausgar. In the suit, Sgt. Meyer said he was told that that company wanted to hire him back as did the Defense Department program officer who approves hiring for the optics program.

About the same time, Mr. McCreight contacted a Defense Department program manager and said that Sgt. Meyer was “mentally unstable” and “had a problem related to drinking in a social setting,” the lawsuit alleges.

On June 1, an Ausgar employee wrote an email to Sgt. Meyer saying his rehiring had been blocked by what Mr. McCreight told the Pentagon program manager, the suit says. Contacted Monday, the program manager, Robert Higginson, declined to discuss the case. A lawyer for Mr. McCreight didn’t return a request for comment.

A reminder of how Sgt. Dakota Meyer received the Medal of Honor – the first living Marine recipient since the Vietnam war:

This man who McCreight allegedly mocked. On Sept. 8, 2008, more than 50 insurgents ambushed Meyer’s patrol in Kunar Province. They held the high ground, firing rocket-propelled grenades, mortars and machine guns on Marines and their Afghan partners in what would become a six-hour battle. The barrage left at least four Marines and several dozen Afghans cut off from the rest of the patrol. Meyer’s response was to climb in a truck and descend further into the valley to rescue the team, under what his Medal of Honor citation describes as “heavy enemy fire” and “despite a shrapnel wound to the arm.” Meyer didn’t do that once. He did it five times, the citation reports, “in the face of almost certain death.” And that made Meyer the first living Marine to get the medal for his actions during the Iraq or Afghanistan wars.

It might be added that Meyer’s tour near the border with Pakistan might have given him a particular sensitivity to the risks associated with arming the Pakistani military. The U.S. commander in charge of eastern Afghanistan, Lt. Gen. Curtis Scaparrotti, recently told reporters that those alleged U.S. allies help insurgents rocket U.S. troops on the border. It would seem that Meyer hasn’t stopped trying to save U.S. troops in danger. Source: Spencer Ackerman Wired.com

Ackerman says BAE Systems has been investigated for bribery and corruption by both the U.S. and Britain.

For years, officials in Britain and in America have investigated the firm on bribery and corruption charges. In 2010, the company agreed to pay a $400 million fine for violating arms control restrictions, and lying to federal officials about the BAE’s actions. That was followed up by an additional $48 million fine in 2011.

I heard a report on Fox News about 30 minutes ago, saying that the DOD decides who weapons are sold to, but…what about those hundreds of millions of dollars fined for violations of arms restrictions? Meyer’s civilian job has been to train others to recognize IEDs and other dangers on the battlefield. Surely the DOD doesn’t doubt that he is more than qualified to do so, and since there are no charges that Meyer was drinking on the job, or that drinking was impairing his work ability, maybe the goal is to shut him up.

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  • This young hero, Dakota, is the kind of American to look up to.

  • There is a lot of ignorance about the process. Neither State nor Defense Departments “direct” that a sale be made. Contractors pursue sales (for the money) and then beat the services/export cases to near death in an effort to get the appropriate approvals to export. It’s a slippery slope where a demo becomes a sale opportunity. No matter what the “promise” is regarding “it’s just approval for a demo,” once started, expectation of sale authorization is a given. I have sat as a principal on DoD export committees for many years. Some of the contractor and program office actions, if made public, would certainly lead to many questions regarding their priorities. Bottom line – it’s the bottom line. This is not a patriotic driven drill – it’s about the money. While outright sale to a declared adversary is unlikely, the grey area is where most of this exists. Defense is expensive to significant degree because we have given away most of our secrets!

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  • ER

    just before being murdered (ISI suspected) Syed Saleem Shahzad released his book on Al Qaeda, and it mentioned Al Qaeda’s relationship w/ military, ex-military & ISI, & that getting such weapons technology was a turning point for Al Qaeda/Taliban

  • Good for Dekota Meyer a true Patriot that stands up for a change. Where is the rest of our Military following orders from a treason in the White House? Obama is no Commander in Chief or POTUS. Obama should have to present a legal American born birth certificate and legal social security card of which he does not have before commanding anyone in our Military. Obama is a counterfeit and a Muslim through and through.

    Read: http://infidelsarecool.com/2011/11/muslims-dont-want-you-to-read-the-quran/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+InfidelsAreCool+%28Infidels+Are+Cool%29