Chuck Schumer Shuts Down Tea Party Meeting: Claims Suspicious Package

A Tea Party group appointed to a Tea Party Debt Commission was scheduled to meet with members of Congress in the Russell Senate office building last Thursday. The meeting was set-up weeks ago by Senator Mike Lee along with Freedom Works. The Democrat-led Senate Rules Committee, at the behest of Chairman Chuck Schumer shut it down, with the room already fully “occupied” with constituents, when Schumer’s men showed up to remove the tables in the room. Incredible. In the video below, listen to organizer, freshman Senator Mike Lee, explain to the crowd what is going on.

Mike Lee

But that’s not the end of the story. The New York Times says Capitol Hill police found a “suspicious” package and had to shut-down the meeting. You can see from the video that the “suspicious” package had nothing to do with closing the room to Senator Lee’s guests, and everything to do with Democrats.

Goons appeared to remove the tables in the “occupied” room, microphones were removed and Senate police arrived to guard the doors.

Not a single Democrat was interested in what Tea Party citizens had to say about our Debt, but some Republicans did attend when the meeting was moved to a property owned by Hillsdale College, which a tweet referred to as “the Hillsdale College 1st Amendment Free Speech Zone:” Senators Mike Lee (the organizer) and Rand Paul, along with Congressmen Joe Walsh (IL), Steve King (IA), Mike Pence (IN), Mick Mulvaney (SC), and Paul Brown (GA).

Think of how interested Congressional Democrats, extending all the way to the Oval Office, have been in listening to the occupiers on Wall Street and around the country, yet not a single Democrat showed up to hear the ideas of Tea Partiers. Unbelievable! Thanks to Gateway Pundit. Linked at Legal Insurrection – Thank You. with some headlines you may have missed!

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Tea Party Debt Commission Removed from Senate Property (video)

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  • Hillsdale College is one of the greatest reasons to still hold out hope for our republic. They are an awesome school, with a classical Liberal Arts curriculum similar to what Harvard had, back when it was a great school. They were co-ed and racially integrated when they opened – in 1855, I believe, and so when the government started imposing its politically correct standards on them in the ’70’s, they said, “we were standing for equal opportunity before you even heard of it,” and rather than lose their independence, they stopped accepting government money in any form. I’ve been to two of their conferences (I met Lady Margaret Thatcher at the first.) and was tremendously impressed by both of them. When I heard they were establishing a presence in DC, I was very excited. I’m glad to see they’re using it well.

    • Amen Steven!

      “Suspicious package.” Let me guess: It was in reality a small, white bag, had a tag attacked saying “Lipton’s.”

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  • Chuck Schumer needs to be contested in an election by a conservative candidate who realizes that there is no way to defeat Schumer but that it should be his mission to utterly destroy Schumer’s reputation – ad after ad of Schumer’s illegal activity as a Senator, Schumer’s relationship with lobbies, Schumer’s nefarious under the table deals that have put money in his own pocket.

    Schumer is one of those Senators that runs for re-election and will undoubtedly win but the result is that he wish he would have never run for the office again and when his next term comes up, he’s shuffle off into the dark and disappear.

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  • This is why Chuckie Schumer is noting but a Masterpiece of Depravity.

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