Chris Matthews Just Now Hearing the Stories You and I Heard Years Ago?

Well, maybe not, but Matthews does say “I’m hearing stories you would not believe” (about Barack Obama). The admission seems to be in the context of members of Congress never hearing by phone, or through meetings, from the Leader of the Free World, because the Leader of the Free World doesn’t like “their company,” but I bet Matthews has heard many of the stories you and I have heard, has confirmed them and then stuffed them in his sock or undies, ala Sandy Burgler. Here’s hoping that tingle running up down the leg of Chris Matthews is more than an uncomfortable twinge, and may one of his 70+ loved “units” need medical care and get only “comfort care.” Couldn’t happen to a more deserving guy. Here’s the video. Thanks to Ran at Si Vis Pacem! and to BreitbartTV.

Chris Matthews Asking Why “We’re in this Fight” With Obama (video)

Hoping that the Quantum Conservative will not mind my bodice ripping.

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