California Students: Court Rules Mexican Flag Okay on May 5th – American Flag Not Okay on May 5th

Four or five Oak Hill High students in the Morgan Hill California Unified School district wore “American flag, “red, white and blue t-shirts to school on Cinco de Mayo, May 5th, 2010. The Assistant Principle told the boys to turn their shirts inside-out. The boys said that would be disrespectful, called their parents, who showed up at the school to meet with Assistant Principle Miguel Rodriguez. The parents took the boys home. Three parents took the issue to court. The ruling has just come down, and the American flag lost. Death to pride in America in American public schools. Death to the American identity in American public schools. Death to the First Amendment in American public schools. I hope there will be an appeal.

The Mexican Flag okay at Oak Hill High on May 5th of any year

One of the students, Matt Dariano said they were told they were “fuel to the fire,” and starting a fight. The boys were sitting at an out-door table during their break. Another student said one of the school officials called the T-shirts “incendiary.”

American flag - Not okay at Oak Hill High on May 5th of any year

Four words about Cinco de Mayo. It’s a Mexican holiday.

On the same day the boys had to leave school:

More than 100 students were spotted wearing red, white and green as they were leaving school. Some had the Mexican flag painted on their faces or on their arms.

Some Mexican-American students said that their flags were taken away or asked to be put away, but none were sent home for wearing red, white and green.

I just saw an interview from 2010 with the boys, and they said they didn’t care that some students were wearing the Mexican pride clothing, but they felt they should also be able to show their America pride.

How many of the unhappy Hispanic students do you thing are illegally in this country?

One of the boys told Mark Levin that a student asked him why he was wearing the American flag when it was not the Fourth of July, it was Cinco de Mayo – but Cinco de Mayo is NOT the Mexican Independence Day, and even if it was, this is America. The boys were told the American flag would “foment drama.”

A year and a half later, the District Court of Northern California ruled in favor of the school.

If the American flag is incendiary in an American public school because Mexican children, or Mexican-American children are offended, the school officials have the responsibility of changing that attitude, and never allowing our flag to be incendiary, offensive, fuel for the fire or anything other than respected. What happened at Oak Hill, and in the court, is no different than flying the Mexican flag above the U.S. flag.

I think it’s safe to say we have many, many Mexican kids in this country who hate America. Check out this video explaining what happened at Oak Hill High. It’s a great report and puts the truth in focus.

American Flag Offensive for Those Who Chose America  (video)

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  • I would imagine this same idiotic lawyer in a black robe would forbid the American Flag on all foreign holidays. Maybe this clown will forbid the American Flag during Ramada so we don’t offend Muslims.

    • Geoff

      Or maybe it goes the other way and you don’t make a peep when a bunch of muslims wave big crescent banners at a nativity parade this year. Because that’s equally not intended to cause problems.

  • When a military member swears an Oath of Enlistment there is always an American Flag present; a requirement. When military members hear the National Anthem being played, they will always stand at attention and face the American Flag, if present. When the American Flag passes in review, military personnel in uniform will always stand and salute the Flag. When a military member dies in service to his country, an American Flag will cover their casket. At the funeral of a deceased member, that flag will be presented to his/her next of kin. The flag will be folded with the utmost precision and cradled like a new born child until presentation is made. When a hero or great American dies, it’s the flag that’s flown at half staff to signify a nation in mourning.

    Throughout our history, men have literally sacrificed their lives to keep the American Flag raised during battles. The Flag Bearer was a position of honor and entrusted only to the best and bravest of soldiers.

    Medal of Honor recipient, Private Joseph E. Brandle:

    During the Civil War, the job of color bearer was one of the most hazardous as well as important duties in the Army. Soldiers looked to the flag for direction and inspiration in battle and the bearer was usually out in front, drawing heavy enemy fire while holding the flag high. On Nov. 16, 1863, regimental color bearer Pvt. Joseph E. Brandle, from the 17th Michigan Infantry, participated in a battle near Lenoire, Tenn. “…Having been twice wounded and the sight of one eye destroyed, he still held to the colors until ordered to the rear by his regimental commander.”

    What thus judge and school fail to realize is that the American Flag is the symbol of our nation. That flag represents all that our men and women fight for. It’s the visible representative of the Constitution of the United States and therefore leads our troops into battle, brings them home when they have fallen in battle, and is present when we lay them to rest.

    To some people the American Flag is nothing but a brightly colored dish rag. To others it represents all their nation stands for and those who fought and died defending the Constitution while looking to the Flag.
    Flags covering caskets

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  • I actually don’t believe that public schools should provide forum for free expression. Their job is to educate young minds and to create an environment that fosters learning. Having said that, American flag very much belongs in American public schools. It should be displayed there, every day.
    This particular school obviously has discipline issues. They can start addressing it by banning all flags except for the stars and stripes, California and town flags.
    In any case, I don’t understand how Cinco de Mayo celebration is supposed to advance learning.

  • Cinco de Mayo is far less significant to Mexico than is St. Patrick’s Day to Ireland or Oktoberfest to Germany. While it’s celebrated in Mexico in the small town of Puebla, most of Mexico ignores Cinco de Mayo – the big national holiday there is in September, Mexican Independence Day. This ruling is a sham.

    Progressivism and lunacy, along with anti-American ideology, go hand in hand.