Cairo: American Students Arrested: Luke Gates, Gregory Porter, Derrik Sweeney Arrested

Three American students attending the American University in Cairo have been arrested by the Egyptian military/police. Luke Gates, Greg Porter and Derrik Sweeney were put before state television cameras and are charged with throwing molotov cocktails. Updates as available.

(L-R) Greg Porter, Luke Gates, Derrik Sweeney

The students are accused of setting off molotov cocktails and clashing with police in Tahrir Square, where anti-government protesters are gathering in response to calls for a “million-man march.”

American University President Lisa Anderson said the university is working closely with the U.S. embassy to get the young men released.

Luke Gates has been openly tweeting about his involvement in the protests in Tahir Square. From Gates (read more here):

Two days ago, Gates wrote on Twitter that he threw rocks in the square, and Monday he wrote that a part of his ear was missing after being in the square with rubber bullets.

“I just don’t want to feel anymore,” he wrote Saturday, just before heading to the square.

“honestly, hopefully i die here”

“it’s only  scary cuz I feel so reckless”

Three Americans imprisoned in Iran were freed a month or so ago. Now we have three more in Cairo. If the parents are bankrolling these kids, they should have brought them back to U.S.


  • If all goes well they will cost only $500,000 each like the 3 idiots caught by Iran. But I think the Egyptians should hold out for at least $5 million each.

  • Well, Egypt does need revenue, ya know…

  • It’s way past time for American students not to attend university in Islamic countries. No stability in those countries.

  • I don’t understand why American University in Cairo didn’t close doors a half a year ago. It didn’t take a genius to see where this was heading.