Bob Turner Kevin Hiltunen: Hiltunen Drags Heckling Occupier Out the Door of Turner Swearing In

Kevin Hiltunen went to new U.S. Congressman Bob Turner’s (R-NY) swearing-in and ended up hauling a grungy, heckling Occupier out on his rear, literally. Turner won the special election to replace pervert Anthony Weiner, the former Congressman from New York’s 9th District. Hiltunen is a former New York Police Officer and a former Marine. The piece of grunge was 33-year-old Adam Weissman.

Kevin Hiltunen with Adam Weissman

Photo Credit: Matthew McDermott – New York Post, read more here

The no-nonsense Hiltunen said he hadn’t known Weissman was part of the raucous demonstration based at Zuccotti Park since Sept. 17.

“I’m a citizen who believes in democracy. I did not ask this man if he was part of any movement,” the former cop said.

Hiltunen was a member of the NYPD from February 1994 until June 2009, when he retired in good standing on a disability caused by an accident, a source told The Post.

Weissman held up a sign saying: Bob Turner (hearts) the 1%, and tried to yell-out that Turner, in the two months he has been in office has “sold-out” his supporters. That’s when Hiltunen took action, saying this was an historic event. Weissman is upset with trading with China. I’m guessing Weissman has never taken the time to attend the swearing-in of anyone he supported, if he ever supported anyone, or has every known the identity of his own Congressman.

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  • paul

    Interesting read.

    Now, which of the writers on your paper is going to be working on the story of how a thug named Kevin Hiltunen can steal from NYS taxpayers by collecting on a bogus NYPD disability, when he apparently has no problems with his hands, lungs, back, knees, arms, or any other part of his body?

    I am a fully able 46 year old man, and I could not have wrangled that hippie like that (with one hand, no less). You might want to check out the video. It’s all over youtube (as is the footage of him with a megaphone heckling Anthony Weiner).

    I understand that the hippie was threatened by the NYPD with a disorderly conduct charge if he didn’t go away. Now, was that before or after they asked the hippie if he wanted to press for assault & battery charges against Hiltunen? Oh, wait. That never happened, did it?

    Yes, the hippie was rude. I wouldn’t have done such a thing. But it was no different than the “grass roots” ringers that Dick Armey bussed into town hall meetings last year to bully and disrupt. Nor was it worse than a member of congress shouting out “you lie!” during the president’s state of the union address

    • Paul, interesting comment. Here’s the thing, this was a swearing in of a person duly elected, it was not a townhall. Big difference. I also noticed the disability. If it’s fraudulent, we’ll hear about it. Turns out Joe Wilson was right. If the hippie wants to press charges, let him.

      • Brian P. Murphy

        Why was this criminal scumbag Hiltunen not arrested for assault and battery ? What conceivable right did this guy have to drag a human being out of a building as if he were a bag of garbage ? What conceivable disability is this man suffering from ? How dare a fraud like Hiltunen even show his face in public. This man should be investigated. It is disgraceful that a former NYPD officer can get away with such a criminal act. That much the more, one who is milking the state of a phony disability.

        • Brian P. Murphy, not all scumbags are equal. Turner was elected by the people and it was his swearing in. It was not a townhall. I’m sure Hiltunen is being investigated in reference to his disability.

  • Brian P. Murphy

    not at all sure what you mean by the statement that not all scumbags are equal. I do know that it was definitely NOT
    Turner’s swearing in which took place in Washington D.C. when all Congressmen were sworn in. Not sure what this ceremony was and why, other than publicity, it was even taking place. Moreover, town halls are not the only place where freedom of speech is a right. You may not like what this man Weissman had to say but that is what freedom of speech is all about. To celebrate a criminal act as patriotism is simply ignorant. Lastly, I hope this thug Hiltunen is, indeed, being investigated as the man is a transparent fraud. What I want to know is why was he not arrested ? Can you tell me that ? There was a real cop right there.