Bill Clinton Wants 3 Terms for Presidents – After Time Off After Second Term

Joe Scarborough, the faux Republican on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, gave Bill Clinton a sweet gift by asserting that presidents

Bill Clinton

should have 3 terms, not two.  Jeff Poor at The Daily Caller is the only person in the whole world surprised that Clinton agreed – a third term would be swell.

Slick Willy says such a “rule” would only go into effect for future presidents, not those who have already occupied the Oval Office. Oh, we know he wants it badly, but would likely settle for settling into the family quarters once again with Hillary sleeping on the presidential side of the bed.

Clinton said he has always thought the “rule” should be that a president can run for a third term, after some time off after the second. Presidential terms are not a “rule,” they are a Constitutional mandate of the 22nd Amendment. His fellow Democrat Franklin D. Roosevelt stuck around for four consecutive terms and the people fixed that problem with an Amendment. Scarborough blamed that on the rascally Republicans.

If the video disappears or does not play, view it at the link in the first paragraph.

Bill Clinton on 3 Terms for President (video)

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  • Pat S

    I would vote for a pig before I would vote for this evil person. I also hope that Joe Scarborough stays the heck out of the Panhandle of Florida..that’s where I live and we have enough pollution without his adding to it.