Ben Bradlee: Herman Cain “He’s Got it Coming to Him!”

In this video, a Daily Caller reporter talks to Washington Post Vice-President and former Executive Editor, Ben Bradlee, and the current Executive Editor Bob Woodward. The occasion is the heralding of Chris Matthews’ new book, yet another on JFK. If you don’t want to listen to the Matthews crowing, skip ahead to about 2 minutes-in when reporter “Michelle” asks Bradlee what he thinks about Herman Cain and the stories Politico supposedly broke about Cain and sexual harassment. Bradlee’s answer: “He’s got it coming to him.”

Ben Bradlee

Notice that as “Michelle” walks up to Bradlee, he grabs her, hugs her, and maybe he’s looking down her dress. Who knows? But since we’re talking about sexual harassment, and Bradlee doesn’t know the truth, but thinks Cain has big trouble “coming to him,” we at least have video of Bradlee’s familiar treatment of the reporter.

Bob Woodward is first up on the video and he refuses to talk about Cain’s particular situation but drivels on about the seriousness of sexual harassment. What can you say about a man who poo-pooed Juanita Broaddrick’s rape accusation against Bill Clinton and made his fame and fortune telling lies about the non-existant Deep Throat? As Woodward says in this video: “the truth emerges.”It did.


Politico Editor-in-Chief John F. Harris is a former Washington Post executive.

Ben Bradlee and Bob Woodard on Herman Cain (video)

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  • Watching that video.. she drops the shoulder, Bradlee has his hand on, showing she’s uncomfortable that his hand is on her. Man, he probably just did more to that woman than Cain even came close to doing to anyone.. That did seem a bit to friendly… Those who live in Glass Houses?

    • Agreed – what kind of judgemental statement is that about Cain – how cruel – what a bastard and so is Chris Matthews. Those dumb bimbo women accusing Cain are after money and their 15 min. of fame, among other things.
      No one will even remember their names and who cares???? They sure can talk nasty – just like Chris Matthews can and who the hell cares what he has to say???? All disgusting Obama lovers, yuck!