Baby Lisa: Missing Cell Pinged 1/5-1/3 Mile from House in Woods

Weird new news in the case of missing Baby Lisa Irwin.

Lisa Irwin (Baby Lisa Irwin - One Year Old on November 11, 2011)

1) New: No known phone owned by Deborah Bradley or Jeremy Irwin has ever made or received a phone call, from or to, Megyn Wright.

Police have contended that the cell phone of Deborah Bradley was used around 11 p.m. the night the baby went missing. (Wright says the call came in 8:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. A 50-second call was allegedly made from the phone to Megyn Wright. Wright claims she did not answer the call. So far, the story is that Bradley does not know Wright and Wright does not know Bradley.

But Wright does know the bald handyman, John Tanko, known as “Jersey” who is said have frequented the Bradley’s neighborhood. Jersey and Wright have apparently lived together off and on for some time. Wright has claimed he has some serious drug connections. Her roommates have said she also has connections. Tanko is said to be homeless. After Baby Lisa disappeared, three witnesses reported seeing a bald man walking late at night not far away, carrying a baby clad only in a diaper.

2) The same cell phone belonging to Deborah Bradley tried to access her phone call voicemail at 3:17 a.m and 3:22 a.m. after Baby Lisa went supposedly went missing. Someone also tried to access the Internet from the phone, and according to Bradley-Irwin attorney, John Picerno, they successfully connected.

Picerno said this was revealed in an FBI powerpoint presentation on November 1st, but what was searched for was not revealed. Very odd. Wouldn’t that be a first question?

3) Ping records show the cell phone making the calls was never more than 1/5th to 1/3rd of a mile from house in the area of the woods behind the house to the Missouri River.

4) Megyn Kelly in her conversation with Picerno says Megyn Wright lives in a Meth house, and a roommate confirmed that, with the roommate saying she also used Meth.

5) Baby Lisa’s parents, Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin are now officially “suspects” in the police investigation, according to their attorney.


1) Over and over I’ve seen that Megyn Wright reported the call to her phone came in at 8:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

2) Rumor: A man named Mike Hancock rented a room to Megyn Wright in August 2011. He evicted her when she did not pay her rent. Hancock allegedly said Tanko (Jersey) visited Wright there. There are numerous links from the information to the Kansas City Start. All of those articles are now off the Internet.

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  • My hopes that this child would be found alive have faded. I have a hard time with stories like these. I cannot fathom those who harm children.

  • There is something very fishy in all of this. It reminds me of the Casey Anthony Case. Could the baby have been kidnapped to be sold? Meth heads are a bunch of lunatics to begin with. That sounds like some kind of scheme they could cook up to me. I hope someone is laying low with the baby, and they find her unharmed. She will be in our prayers.

  • lynn

    there are so many ways to add to all the stories told in lisa irwins case. but the truth is it is about a innocent baby who was so very helpless and had no say in the out come of her fate kidnapped or murdered.sounds as if so many names in all this mess are some that should not be around children for their safety. m.w. and handyman,dane, and s.b. husband could have been in this or i wouldn’t go there… could be’s! just sad…. if no drinking had been going on… bet lisa would be home and nothing sad to deal with on lisa.

  • James

    Any who hurt children aren’t worth the time of day.Sound like a group of druggies and drunks. No wonder a baby is missing.Justic needs to be carried out.

  • Statistics favor that the parents harmed the child, sadly.

    Also, if Momma admits to drinking up to ten glasses of wine that evening, can we all agree that NOBODY was watching her kids? In fact, the mother also stated that Baby Lisa was fussy that night. And people who are blind/drunk can lash out in anger and violence, especially in the face of a crying baby.

    Why did the cadaver dogs ping on the carpet in the master bedroom? Could that be where drunk momma dropped the body? Just askin’.

    • marcie

      Opus: The dog hit was a lie since the cops did not take the carpet. They could not get a warrant for the carpet because no dog ever “hit” on it. Cops lie in interrogations.

      I cannot believe what I am reading on the ‘net about Dane and Jersey. Hunting and “unaware”, indeed. Where were you “hunting?” “Street chemist” like you posted.

  • marcie

    I think the parents are innocent and that their circle of life collided with a group of violent druggies. These druggie people’s facebook and myspace pages and their links will make you ill. However, considering how information is being leaked, correct or not, and how pages appear on the internet and then disappear, I am confident the FBI knows exactly what is going on and this case will be resolved.

  • marcie

    I think the cadaver dog hit was a lie. Police can lie in interrogations. Debbie and Jeremy did not do anything to Lisa, IMHO.

    • Police can lie, and do it quite frequently to get suspects to tell on themselves Marcie. It is one of their favorite tools to use, because it requires little effort. They also hide and plant info in the media for the same reasons. We had a similar case in Florida here recently in the next small town North of here. A baby was kidnapped by a deranged babysitter. It took them about 2 weeks to find her. She was found in a wooden box under a bed during a surprise search. I hope this case turns out with a happy ending like that too.

  • Krystle R

    obviously they need to be looking more at “Jersey” then the parents. I really think jersey sold that baby girl for drugs…its fuckin sick that ppl do crap like this for fuckin drugs 🙁 and that wright bytch better get her f*in story straight, cuz im sure there about to lock her up an scare her to tell…cuz im sure she has somethin to do with this! meth heads…pfft… 🙁