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If this isn’t one of the best meaningful rants from a Republican about Democrats, then we have to go back to the Tea Party days and the townhalls before the November 2010 elections to find anything close. Apostle Claver is a Herman Cain supporter. After the rant, he appears on Abdul Bashir’s show and his opening line is priceless.

MARTIN BASHIR, HOST: My next guest is a vocal supporter of Mr. Cain. So vocal indeed that some took offense at racially charged comments he made to an audience of supporters gathered for a Cain rally at a Texas dog track.


APOSTLE CLAVER, RAGINGELEPHANTS.ORG: It’s the Democratic Party that’s the racist. The Party of the Ku Klux Klan. The Party of Jim Crow. The Party of Bull Connor. The Party of segregation. The Party of the KKK. They are the racists.


BASHIR: And I’m delighted to say that we are joined now by Apostle Claver, founder and chairman of Raging Elephants.org with us from Houston. Good afternoon, sir.

CLAVER: Mr. Bashir, thank you for the invitation. I have made it to the big time – I am on MSDNC. I love it.

BASHIR: Yeah, thank you, it’s not actually that…

Republicans have listened to these same charges for decades. Let Claver give it right back to them (and I bet he can back it up, because I can) and it’s “offensive.” Tsk, tsk. Bashir is an acrimonious, Europeanized little diva.

Thanks to Noel Sheppard at Newsbursters. Read Noel’s commentary here.

Apostle Claver with Martin Bashir (video)

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