Ann Coulter Sean Hannity: Coulter on GOP Candidates – Ronald Reagan Not Available

Ann Coulter was on Hannity last night discussing GOP candidates and the “big division” between Republicans. She reminds us that Ronald Reagan is not available this year. Following Christie’s remarks in the first video, she reminds that Democrats are “dirty campaigners.” “For those thinking we must get the most right-wing person in there, that Republicans will win as they did over Jimmie Carter,” must change their thinking and realize that we must defeat Obama. We are never going to get rid of ObamaCare if we don’t get rid of Obama. Coulter said we should not count on SCOTUS doing it for us.

Ann Coulter

She doesn’t like Newt. She predicts our ticket will be Romney-Rubio. She would like the ticket to be Romney-Cain. Sean and Coulter agree that whoever we pick will be far better than Obama – that whoever we pick, we MUST get behind them and support them.

Chris Christie: Anyone who underestimates the President over the next year, underestimates him at their own peril. These guys have shown they don’t know much about governing, but they know about campaigning…The people who believe, because the President’s poll numbers have gone down, he’s in trouble, that’s he’s a shoo-in loser, are wrong.

Ann Coulter: You can’t pick the most right-wing candidate. Mitt Romney is the best candidate to beat Barack Obama. I think he’s a little bit of a Country Club Republican too, but he is a thousand times better than Obama.”

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