Andrew Parker, New York Waiters Steal Diners Am Express Black Cards: Luis Damien Jacas Fake Credit Card Ringleader

If you have an American Express Black Card with the mandatory $250,000 spending level annually, check your purchases. The Black Card is gold to thieves. Andrew Parker (real name Andrew Pollack), a well-known Manhattan playboy, is one of those thieves, along with waiters at some pricey New York City eateries including Wolfgang’s Steakhouse, Smith and Wollensky and JoJo. Ringleader Luis Damien Jacas (Jaces) is also under arrest. The New York Country District Attorney asays it has shut down face credit card factory and seized millions in cash and high-end goods. Take a look at this diagram, and how easy it would be to use a “skimmer” to copy your card.

Once the Black Card was swiped, the theiving waiters were paid to use hand-held “skimmers” to copy the card. The copies of the card were then used to make exact copies of the original. In general, goods were purchased at expensive stores and resold online. Buyers often knew that the goods were stolen or paid for with bogus credit cards.

Andrew Parker is considered a Manhattan playboy who was already awaiting trial for shoplifting when he used one of the copies of the stolen cards to buy two handbags for $11,595. (It’s nuts to spend $6,500 for a handbag, don’t ya think?)

Andres Parker (Andrew Pollack)

New York Post:

About an hour later, Parker used the card to make three purchases in the amounts of $1,861, $3,713 and $1,007 at the Burberry store on Madison Avenue, the complaint states.

Parker was once a fixture on the Manhattan social circuit, attending parties at Vogue, Chanel and Christie’s.

Gold and Platinum cards were also stolen for the same purposes, but the Black Card was the ultimate steal. So far this is reported in New York City, but I suppose it could happen anywhere. Thieves believe those with high credit limits are less suspicious of pricey purchases appearing on their cards. This could work anywhere. Check your billing! Read the New York County District Attorney’s report here.

Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook