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Congressman Allen West spoke to Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade about waterboarding, what it takes to keep Americans safe and the waterboarding experiences our Military undergoes to provied them the skill and knowledge they need for their own survival, and he mentions that actress Demi Moore was waterboarded in the movie GI Jane. As you would expect, West is concerned about the possible funding cuts to the Military if Congress can’t get it’s act together and drastically slash spending. He discusses the reality of those funding cuts and says we cannot make our Military, their families and Veterans the bill payers for fiscal irresponsibility.

Demi Moore - GI Jane

Fox News:

The President is the benefactor of a lot of information that came from waterboarding and the important thing is, when you look at the precedent, non-state, non-uniformed belligerents captured on the battle field, under the Geneva Convention are not afforded the same type of rights. We can make that determination. As the President, you need to do those things which are necessary to make sure the American people are kept safe. I see that when we continue to read Miranda Rights to such as the Underwear Bomber, we are using the leverage and advantage we have, and in the movie GI Jane, DemiMoore was waterboarded and we do use that in military training and survival escape and evasion training.

Congressman West is asked what he feels about the possibility of the Military suffering massive hits to funding if the SuperCommittee does not come with the necessary cuts to spending:

I’m very concerned. What we saw last week was members on the House and Senate side showed that you can get revenues, not by raising taxes, but by simply lowering rates and eliminating loopholes and other savings within the tax code, and they walked away from it.

Allen West

So it’s interesting. I have this little sheet I carry around talking about the impacts of defense. You are talking about an Army that goes from 569,000 down to 426,000. You are talking about going from 288 Navy war vessels down to 238. One hundred Army maneuver battalions down to 60-70. We can’t have…the Military, the families of the Military and the Veterans, the bill payers of fiscal irresponsibility.

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Allen West and Brian Kilmeade on Waterboarding and Fiscal Irresponsibility (video)

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  • ExAFCrewDog

    Waterboarding is torture? Compared to what? A hangnail?

    You want to see torture? As dished out by instructors in SEAL training? Watch the Military Channel. And those guys volunteer for it! It’s actually not torture, it’s survival training. And no instructor puts any of his charges through anything he’s not been through himself. It’s what enables them to do the incredible things they do. And I thank God they can do it.