Who Is This Man? Violence for Occupy Wall Street Like French Revolution

A reader at P.J. Tatler made the video below (read the transcript, follow links) at Occupy L.A. Who is this speaker so boldly calling for violence, while speaking with a heavy accent?

Occupy L.A.

So, ultimately, the bourgeoisie won’t go without violent means. Revolution! Yes, revolution that is led by the working class.

Long live revolution! Long live socialism!”

Crowd: [Cheers.]

What happened in the French Revolution? After revolutionaries demanded equality, and got it,  The same revolutionaries participated in what is known as The Reign of Terror. Thousands against the Revolution died. Before The Reign of Terror, France looked to the U.S. and our Declaration of Independence, and from that, their Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen was born. America has been there, done that.

Because of America’s righteous revolution, these ignorants can literally crap on the streets of America and force taxpayers to clean it up, pull-out an iPhone and call grungy friends for backup, proclaim Mao Tse-Tung to lead, call for the end of Democracy and Capitalism, claim they can have sex with animals, and have their President “understand” their “frustration.”

For the record, I hope these “occupations” go on and on. They are a window on America’s Left, and that window is filthy for everyone to see.

Occupy Wall Street: Who is this man calling for violence similar to the French Revolution? (video)

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  • Why, he’s “The Most Interesting Man In the World” (Dos Equis beer commercial)

    “Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

  • Dangerous language here. This is what the left ultimately wants. Troubled times ahead.

    • John, it is dangerous language. They love to hear themselves talk. I’m grateful for videos and YouTube.

  • Thanks for the article. Very informative.

    I found Ann Coulter’s book Demonic to be an eye-opener about the French Revolution. The French Revolution cost 600,000 French citizens their lives. Occupy Wall Street and the additional protests are proving Ms. Coulter’s point about how leftists like and use mobs. I think the Marxist radicals and their useful idiots comprise a tiny fraction of American citizenry, but when the Democratic Party starts to identify itself with this stuff, it’s a bit startling. Obama’s wants to use OWS to deflect attention from his massive failures.

    • Eddie Howell, I have Coulter’s book but haven’t had a chance to read it as yet. I’ll do that very soon, and thanks for the tip. Yes, the administration hopes OWS will take the spotlight off of them, but it won’t work because the behavior of OWS is despicable, and embarrassing as well.

  • For the left to pull off a “French Revolution” they have to acquire weapons and be able to use them.

    While in the 1700’s most men could shoot and hunt, leftists are so scared of guns they are inept at both.

    Bring on the Revolution. You will discover that not only are we on the Right able to use weapons, have the weapons, but the majority of the military is on our side.

    War won without a real battle.

    • findalis, I had similar thoughts. Plain ‘ol hardworking Americans are armed and have no intention of letting the unwashed rabble-rousers take away our liberties. We are not France and this is not the 1700’s.

  • Mac

    Who cooks the food at the places you eat out at every night? Who does your dry cleaning? Who makes your Starbucks coffee? A millionaire?

    Now do you think guns are part of the conversation? This is a real problem folks, you shouldn’t brush it off.

  • The food is cooked by myself, I very seldom eat out. My dry cleaning is done at a small business who’s owner is a TEA Party member and is staffed by his family. And my daughter makes my Starbuck’s coffee. She agrees with me.

    That is the TEA Party at a nutshell. Small business owners, retired people and Starbucks baristas.

    I don’t know anyone who wants to be poor, but know many who want to be included in the 1%.

  • Don Laird

    Hello Mac…..

    To quote you….

    “Who cooks the food at the places you eat out at every night? Who does your dry cleaning? Who makes your Starbucks coffee? A millionaire?”

    The reality is, the people who work at the jobs above are the millions and millions of hard working Americans and Canadians, men and women, who work ordinary jobs and work those jobs day in and day out to support families, to support spouses or children pursuing higher education, to purchase a house, to pay for healthcare, to pay for modest vacations, to provide funds to start a business and build something of greater worth and lasting value for themselves, their families and their communities at large……in other words…to live their bloody lives without being a burden on their fellow citizen or their country.

    The vast majority of these workers do all of this without complaint and without fanfare…its called quietly living their lives and being productive members of society…and its a quality of life filled with opportunities that, for hundreds of millions of people around the world, is little more than a wild fantasy.

    These workers don’t see horror and oppression in everything from Happy Meals to freeway on-ramps. They don’t see corporations as inherently “evil”. They don’t make selfish unreasonable demands on their government nor their neighbors. They try not to live beyond their means and income. They budget their money and save for a rainy day. They instill in their children, through example, the value of and pride to be taken in, a days work for a days pay. They recognize that no system is perfect but are aware that what North America offers is vastly superior to most other countries in the world. They are, for the most part, happy and content and if there is anything lacking in their lives they identify the problem, take responsibility for it and then work to change it…..not so the “99 Percent”

    Now we face the “99 Percent”……..excuse me whilst I wretch….

    Unfortunately, and to our great dismay and disadvantage, the Leftist Liberals have spent decades diligently cultivating amongst some workers a sense of entitlement and expectation that is based on little more than the ability to fog a mirror and produce children. We now see these Leftists and their handiwork as they do everything in their power to grind America to a halt, to destroy that which they loath; freedom, democracy and opportunity.

    Malignant, vicious, brooding malcontents, they whine and shriek and complain and demand and demand. And when their demands aren’t met they threaten “revolution”…how utterly bloody ridiculous. They infest our schools, every level of our governments and our mainstream media. They are to our society and our way of life as cancer is to healthy tissue.

    Now they rattle sabres…..now they threaten ordinary people…now they demand center stage…..now they disrupt and destroy and they vex and vex and vex at every turn….

    Well, to that I say this…be very very very careful what you ask for. There are many men and women in North America who are rapidly growing sick and tired of Leftists and the discontent they sow and the ravages and havoc they reek……there will come a time at which patience will run out and they will find themselves looking down the gun barrel of that which they so diligently pursued…it will not be something they like…it will be to their eternal regret and it will be long overdue and so very richly deserved.

    As I leave….watch the video link below…it explains perfectly the “complaint” of the oppressed…meet the 99 Percent…


    Now, if you have any stomach contents left….watch this video…this is a man, a Vietnamese immigrant who has come to the USA to realize his dreams….he comes from a country ravaged by war and by tyrants, he comes from a country ravaged by the cancer of communism, he comes from a country where to rise above your station in life is little more than a wild fantasy….he has come to America to realize his hopes and dreams and to build something of worth, both for himself and his family…..and he has lost 2 weeks wages because of the sneering 99 Percent…..meet the 53 Percent….meet the man who is the personification, the physical manifestation of those who are led from around the world by the light held so high by Libertas…..


    In closing I say this…..to those who call for revolution I say bring it on, the cockroaches are growing in number and its time we did a little house cleaning…..

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  • findalis,
    While it is true that the leftist are inept perhaps when it comes to firearms, they are not inept at creating crisis as we have seen constantly for the past three years.

    It is true that most of the military is on “our” side but unfortunately in the first few hours or few days of any kind of military intervention one hell of a lot of folks on the right are going to get killed by our own military because not ALL of the military leaders are on “our ” side.

    Troops will do, reluctantly, what they have been trained to do and what they are ordered to do.

    I offer up Kent State in the 60’s as a perfect example.
    The LEFT created a confrontational crisis. Shots were heard(according to latest investigation) or what sounded like shots and the next thing you know all hell broke loose. There were some innocents killed that day and I dare say that not one National Guardsman went there with the intent of hurting anyone and that when it was over they wished that the shots had never been fired. So it will be if and when such violence should erupt because of the unwashed, longhaired morons on Wall Street and elsewhere.
    What a perfect time to declare Martial Law , suspend elections due to dangerous conditions and we have a dictator for real instead of a wannabe who acts more and more each day like one. Practice makes perfect, ya reckon?

    Fools such as the one in the video escape unharmed. They yell fire in the crowed theater and stand by and watch the chaos that ensues. That is the way of cowards.

    • ticker, I don’t think you are off-base here at all. It’s the perfect manufactured crisis this administration counts on, and believes in. I would still really like to know the i.d. of this man. I don’t care about his name, but what’s his story. We’ve already seen one little commie liar, attending Georgetown Law School, who made a scene in the middle of the street in front of Chase Bank and said his family lost their home (both parents extremely well educated). Not a word of it was true.

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