Wall Street Political Donations: Barney Frank Reaps $1.3M, Obama $12M+

Barack Obama has raised almost $12 MILLION in donations from Wall Street for the Democrat National Committee (DNC)  – $3.9MILLION in 2011 alone. If accounting allowed, you see much more than the $12M.  Congressman Barney Frank (D-Mass) received more donations from Wall Street than Nancy Pelosi and Debbie Wasserman Schultz combined! And these hypocrites all support the Occupy Wall Street thugs.

Heritage Foundation:

This information was pulled from OpenSecrets.org. They don’t quite tell the whole story, since Presidential donations are listed differently than other politicians. So the President’s funds are much higher. He’s actually raised $3.9 million just this year so far. But, he has raised nearly $12 million in Wall Street donations for the DNC. In total, that’s more than all the Republican Presidential candidates combined have received from Wall Street…

Barney Frank

Just after announcing his support for Occupy Wall Street, Congressman Frank headed to a fundraiser – with Wall Street bankers. How’s that for hypocrisy? Of course, he had an answer for that, saying:

“If you take money from them, but you don’t vote [for] the things they want, how does that put you in conflict?”

These politicians support the disruption of the lives of people who live in the area, who pay the property taxes that keep public property open for all to enjoy, who must get up and go to work every day, despite the noise outside and little sleep inside. They support the urination on the streets that residents have to walk through every day. They support the anti-Semitic signs, and ‘occupying’ the yards and porches of citizens deemed too wealthy to live in peace. They support the piled garbage and the rats. Really, it is disgraceful and I hope their support drags them out of Congress on election day 2012.

UPDATE: Jimmie at The Sundries Shack has some interesting information on Mitt Romney and Wall Street. Don’t miss the last paragraph.

Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook