Too Bad Steve Jobs Wouldn’t Publicly Say Obama Would be a One-Termer

We had to wait until Steve Jobs died to find out he criticized Barack Obama for his economic policies and told him he would be a one-term president. A man with the high-profile of Steve Jobs could have criticized Obama publicly. Jobs had to understand, as well as any businessman, the seriously destructive nature of Obama’s policies. When you have the ear of the media at any minute of the day, it would have been the right thing for Jobs to openly criticize Obama. Instead, he preferred to wait until he didn’t have to take grief from his Liberal friends. Didn’t have to “hide the kitchen knives” from his Liberal wife,” when Rupert Murdoch came to dine at the Jobs home, twice.

Steve Jobs

Fox Nation:

“You’re headed for a one-term presidency,” Jobs told Obama when the two met in the fall of 2010, according to The Huffington Post, which obtained a copy of the book.

Jobs told Obama he had to adopt more business-friendly policies, saying companies were more likely to build factories in China because of “regulations and unnecessary costs” in the United States.

The meeting at the Westin San Francisco Airport almost did not occur, the biography reveals. The iconic CEO, notorious for his stubborn personality, initially insisted that he wanted to receive a personal invitation from the president. He ultimately gave in after maintaining his demand for five days, The Huffington Post reported.

Jobs told Fox News’ Rupert Murdoch that Murdoch had “cast his lot” with “the destructive people,” and said Fox News was “hurting the country.”

I’ve had Apple Macs for over two decades. It’s nauseating to know that Jobs, the iconic man with “the vision,” was okay with main stream media having no competition, and the American people having no right to a conservative viewpoint. Worse that he thought “the people” couldn’t make up their own minds, or push the button on the remote for themselves.

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