SuperCommittee Interruped by Protestor – How do these People Get Inside These Meetings

If you or I wanted to sit-in on the SuperCommittee Debt Reduction meetings, I doubt we could get in. I’m told a member of Congress gains entry for them, but we never hear who the offending congressional member is. Code Pink shows up at every controversial get-together on Capitol Hill – probably a guest of Nancy Pelosi. In fact, Code Pink was there today as well as the unidentified woman.

The woman is charged with disrupting Congress.

As members of the committee took their seats around the dais and co-chair Sen. Patty Murray prepared to call the meeting to a start, a Code Pink protestor jumped out of his seat holding a sign, drawing the attention of television cameras in the room.

“This committee is not democratic,” the demonstrator said. “I speak on behalf of the 99 percent who are occupied. We are the people who are not being heard by this committee.”

Watch the video at The Blaze.

Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook

  • “How do these People Get Inside These Meetings”

    Probably one of Valerie Jarrett’s people lol

  • jane doe

    It is clear you know *nothing* about who ‘these people’ are comprised of.
    I invite you to a little research before you spew your fear, hatred and intolerance on my internet.

    Here are a couple of helpful links to get you started:-

    (NOTE TO JANE FROM MAGGIE: Being rude doesn’t give you the opportunity to leave your links here)

    p.s. please don’t do that knee-jerk rightwing bs thing and attempt to subjugate me by launching an ad hominem attack on my character and completely ignoring my message. You know nothing about me, and this isn’t about ME anyway. it is about US. And we are legion. Expect us.

    • jane doe – YOU know nothing about me, so leave your links elsewhere. I don’t accept links from rude Leftists. It is clear you know nothing about economics or how Congress works, just as the dim bulb in the video spewed her ridiculous talking points, and didn’t have a clue what the outcome of her suggestions would mean to this country.

      • jane doe

        So what would the outcomes of her suggestions mean to the country? lol. anarchy in the streeeeets?
        I got some bad news for ya, sugar – it’s a bit late for that.

    • jane, I began writing about this when it was the US Days of Rage. I paid close attention to the goals and I liked and admired many of them, but it was obvious who would show up in the streets in large numbers – people who just want everything given to them, to buy their weed, to house them, to feed them, to school them. And they urinate in the streets just to make their point.

      • jane doe

        Really? Is that really who is there?
        From what alternate reality do you source your information? Or do you know all those hundreds of thousands of people across the globe and their circumstances personally?
        you really have no idea what is going on out there, do you?

        Nice job scrubbing my links, keyboard hero. Wouldn’t want any weak-minded sheep that straggled in here looking to re-confirm their own ignorance and intolerance
        to get, you know – A CLUE.

        • I can scrub anything I want. I could have taken down your entire comment. As I said, you don’t have the privilege of being rude and leaving links here as well. BTW, you don’t know my personal circumstances either, do you? You are wasting your breath here.

          • jane doe

            So you’re just gonna insist on calling me rude (oh ouch. burn) and not even address any of the points I raised? Great strategy.

            • My point was the question” How do these people get in? Would you like to address that?

              • jane doe

                I DID address it, dear. I said to you – DO YOU HAVE ANY CLUE ABOUT WHO ‘THESE PEOPLE’ are? I even provided you with some helpful links providing population samples and statistics collected by independent parties. Your failure to educate yourself is not down to me.
                Your move.

                • jane, she was escorted out. She was noone with the standing to barge into the commission meeting. Perhaps she should have been, but the fact is, she was not considered so, or she would not have had to barge in and mouth off.

                  Just a minute to listen to what she said. Stop the wars and you can give us the housing and whatever.

                  No more moves other than you moving on.

      • jane doe

        While you’re spouting hatred about all the ‘people who just want everything given to them’… how did your perfect capitalist utopia allow these malcontents to be created? Where did they even come from?
        do YOU know anything about economics or how congress works?