Steve Jobs: Going to College, Dropping Out, His Own Capitalism and Mortality

Steve Jobs gave the commencement speech in 2005 at Stanford University less than a year of being diagnosed with Endocrine Pancreatic cancer. Jobs lived for 7 years with this rare form of the disease, which grows slower than the typical Pancreatic cancer. There is little doubt that he received the best and most advanced medical care during his illness, including medicines researched, produced and manufactured by capitalists. This care includes the care of doctors who went into medicine to advance the lives of others, while advancing their own quality of life and the lives of their loved ones…from the gains of capitalism. In this video he speaks of his birth mother and her wishes that he be raised by adoptive parents who had graduated university. He spoke of his own college experiences, and dropping out, as well as his own mortality, and ours.

Steve Jobs

Just as the world would not be the same without the much-beloved MacIntosh computer, movies wouldn’t be the same without his leadership at Pixar Animation. Steve Jobs, 56, died on October 5, 2011. He stepped down from the chairmanship of Apple, Inc. in August 2011.

Occupy Wall Street Without Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs Commencement Speech at Stanford University 2005 (video)

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