Solyndra Bankruptcy Coverage: ABC CBS NBC – Total of 15 Stories – Compare to Enron: Politics of Mass Distraction

Brent Bozell’s A Green Whitewash, says the Occupy Wall Street coverage by the main stream media is purposefully burying the failed Solyndra bankruptcy and government loan scandal (“Solyndranomics”). ABC, CBS and NBC have “filed a grand total of fifteen (15) stories” on the Department of Energy loan to the company now in bankruptcy. “That’s an Enron-to-Solyndra comparison of 24 to 1.” Bozell says Enron was used to kill Social Security reform. Now, the Gaddafi story will muzzle Solyndra, Fisker Karma’s gargantuan government loan, and the most important issues, Fast and Furious and a lawless Department of Justice, further removing them from the public conscious. Politics of mass distraction.

Brent Bozell

Solyndra’s business model produced solar panels for $6 each, sold them for $3 each, competing against Chinese panels selling for $1.50 each – a sure prediction of doom. Someone within government must be held accountable for buying into the folly, but perhaps, backing energy flops is more profitable than backing energy successes.  The Democrat Party of California has some ‘splaining’ to do as well, as they are listed as a creditor in Solyndra’s bankruptcy filing.

Brent Bozell, A Green Whitewash – read the entire story here: 

When two Solyndra executives took the Fifth Amendment before Congress in September, ABC and NBC skipped that news, too, while CBS offered about 25 seconds of coverage, which carried that smell of “This story has no resonance at all.”

The media should be held accountable for their own piece of the Solyndra scandal. They aggressively sold the idea that “green jobs” would help fight off unemployment. The Washington Post crunched the numbers in September: Instead of creating 65,000 jobs, as promised, the $38 billion loan program, which included Solyndra could only claim 3,545 jobs…

It will be a cold, solar-paneled day in Hell before the press is embarrassed enough to admit a mistake and correct the record. For them, it’s just another day and another liberal cause…

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Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook

  • Of course OWS is taking up all the time from Greengate(as it should be called) as well as being used to distract from Fast and Furious. Meanwhile Odummer is on the road ridiculing Republicans for not passing his “NOJOBS BILL” when in fact it is his own party that has been and is continuing to block, vote against and otherwise stall the fiasco.
    As long as the ignorant uninformed voters are distracted Obama can continue to lie and campaign to keep HIS JOB, which is what this is really all about.

  • You go Maggie – at least someone is paying attention to this planned distraction – how cunning & evil. Ignoring the obvious is the plan for Obama to pull the wool over peoples eyes that this is the worst administration ever in America’s history.

    • ljcarolyne, it’s difficult to see how we can win when the press is so distorted. We just have to soldier-on, and pray.