Shane Bauer, Sarah Shourd at Occupy Wall Street

Recently returned American hostages in Iran, Shane Bauer and Sarah Shourd, took to the streets at New York’s City Occupy Wall Street. You may remember that upon their return to the U.S. from a Tehran prison, Shane Bauer stood at a microphone and said the only reason they were held in Iran was because of the 32-year hostile relationship of the two countries, and he hoped for freedom for other “unjustly imprisoned people in America.” In his new-found freedom, Bauer said approvingly, Occupy Wall Street is “serious” and “big.” Irritating that we have to remind him that people cross into the U.S. illegally every day, with no consequences, no prison time. As a matter of principle and values, American men do not beat their women and we do not hang gays and lesbians. We don’t cut off the hands of thieves. As yet, we don’t have rulers who cut-off the utilities of citizens, although we are close, and we don’t have a modesty police.

Shane Bauer and Sarah Shourd

Up until now Occupy rallies have been mostly economic protests, but the hikers appearance took a turn toward the political. The hikers said they also felt a solidarity with hunger strike going on now in California prisons.

However Shane Bauer and his bethrothed Sarah Shourd (also a prisoner in Tehran until a years ago) feel, they should know some of us feel they brought their imprisonment upon themselves. Bauer and Shourd, who lived together in Damascus, Syria before they embarked on their infamous vacation, are hostile to Israel, and majorly sympathetic to Palestinians. Shourd has said she was ashamed of America. 

These irresponsible brats went to the very dangerous, unmarked border between Iraq and Iran after being warned not to do so. Whether they mistakenly and unknowingly crossed the border into Iran, or the Iranian military dragged them from Iraq into Iran I don’t know, but they and their families should understand they endangered Americans, put us in a position of blackmail, and gave many of us angst, knowing three young Americans were in the terrible Evin prison. Bauer and Shourd leave the impression that they are nothing more than American-loathing ingrates, who know nothing about Democracy and Republicanism.

Occupy Wall Street is costing the taxpayers in New York millions of dollars daily (or maybe the sale of Che Guevara t-shirts is elevating the economy there?), disrupting business and smelling up neighborhoods. Police are actively at risk every minute of their shift now. We are hearing talk of “revolution,” a violent uprising like “the French Revolution,” the idiots have gone to the homes of some CEOs while giving the George Soros compound a pass (he’s buying the pizza) and they are killing stimulus-funded ($419,000 sod.

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  • akaangrywhiteman

    It’s a shame that a nation so full of generous, kind, loving people, cannot get their heads out of their warm and fuzzy asses, and glimpse the reality that there are people among us who are actively using those very attributes against us.

    I read comment after comment across the ether waves calling on people to pray for the safe return of these enemies of the people, I suppose there were many who prayed for Barabbas also.

    A thought you may find interesting is the meaning of the name Barabbas, who was a murderer, “son of his father”

  • I was wondering what caused their apparent “blunder” over the border. Mistake? Hardly. It appears that we were played for suckers demanding their “release.” These asshats were guests of a regime with which they have a great deal in common.

    It ain’t Stockholm Syndrome; It’s sympathy. I rather think of it as pathetic.

  • By their own standards it’s racist white privilege talking. They can’t care less about the people whose screams they heard in Iranian prison every day. They’d rather hop on a hip cause.
    Oh Iran, why didn’t you keep them…

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