Sarah Palin Highest Favorables for Primary: Did Rubio Force Sarah Out of the Race?

Yesterday we learned Senator Marco Rubio is likely behind the state of Florida moving its primary up to January 2012. The move has upped-the-ante for Mitt Romney’s crowning as the Republican candidate for President (and possibly Rubio as his Vice President). Sarah Palin, Chris Christie and Rudy Giuliani have announced this month, they will not run, and it makes sense in light of Florida’s aggressive move against the RNC primary rules. Other early primary states have moved from Spring primaries to January, with New Hampshire considering December 2011. It’s possible even the very-organized Sarah Palin could not be positioned for primaries only 3-4 months away. If the Romney-Rubio-angle is new to you, read about it here: Senator Marco Rubio is a part of the plan to put Romney in the Oval Office (or is he) Rubio not playing nice? The following article from GulagBound examines Sarah’s high favorables. See an update below.

Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin Refused Presidential Run with Highest Primary Voter Favorables – Odd
by Arlen Williams, Gulag Bound
October 13, 2011

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Here were the final Gallup #s for the Governor before she announced at least at this moment that she wasn’t running (multiply the “strongly favorable + favorable” percentage by the percentage that recognize the Republican and go to “export full trends” to find the Governor’s final numbers)

Governor Palin: 65%
Mitt “peacetime” Romney: 60%
Newt Gingrich: 56%
Rick Perry: 50%
Michele Bachmann: 50%
Herman Cain: 47%
Ron Paul: 41%
Rick Santorum: 33%
Jon Huntsman: 23%

Keep in mind too that over 80% of all GOP/GOP-leaning indies recognize Palin, Romney, Perry, Bachmann, and Gingrich. So Palin’s advantage isn’t due to the fact that she had higher name recognition. Palin and Cain were the two Republicans who could say their “strongly favorable” rating among all GOP/GOP-leaning indies was over 20%.

Both she and Mike Huckabee have been in very similar positions now and they each demurred.

Coincidentally, they have both seemed to be re-learning much having to do with the need to defend American Sovereignties. Very probably, they have been learning a great deal too about the impending insolvency bubble explosion and the aggression against a Sovereign and free United States of America carried out by globalist Marxofascists and the central banking complex which feeds them.

Was the challenge too threatening for each?

Who would want to be U.S. President under such a well nurtured if artificially concocted, bottom-up revolution and a massively concerted, multi-pronged attack from powerful quarters within America and around the entire world, in such dire conditions of “5th Generation Warfare?”

We have previously called that the “failed state strategy” being imposed upon our pivotally important nation, as it would become “too big to fail” and offered a bailout with strings of suzerainty to global empire.

Who could face up to it and effectively defend both our Popular Sovereignty and our national sovereignty?


End GulagBound article

Florida’s primary is now set for January 31, 2012. The other early primary states forced to leap-frog Florida are Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina.

UPDATE 4:40 pm CDT: Senator Rubio is directly denying he or his staff had anything to do with moving the Florida primaries up to January 2012 from March. Details here.

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  • The fix is in. Sarah gave up too early. None of the candidates are above the 30 percent or so. The GOP did it to us once again.

    • Bunkerville, agreed. If he is the candidate, I will spend a lot of time holding my nose and working for his inauguration. If he is the candidate, that’s the utmost I can do.

  • I think Rubio was counting his chickens before they hatched. Romney will not chose him as a running mate regardless of Rubio’s blatant efforts to see that Romney is crowned.
    I would ask why would Rubio a supposedly conservative even support Romney who is anything but conservative.
    Count Rubio out if Romney is nominated. He blew it even as he attempted to “buy” it.

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  • I’m not an expert and certainly NOT a Romney supporter but is there a chance we have all missed something? Support thrown to Romney by Pawlenty, by Rubio, by McCotter? What am I missing here?

    • Holger, the missing part is the moderate commitment to keeping things moderate, which usually insures re-election. Just my opinion. As I have said, if Romney is the candidate I will vigilantly support him.