Rush Limbaugh: Suspending Nov 2012 Elections: Re-Election by Suspended Election Revolution

Rush Limbaugh talked about Judi McLeod’s September 30th article in Canada Free Press, declaring “The threat of suspended elections is real.” McLeod posits that suspending elections is the only way Barack Obama can remain in the Oval Office the end of January 2012. We cannot know the future with certainty, but we can focus, and see possible eventualities, especially since Democrats often voice them. As Benjamin Franklin said: Distrust and caution are the parents of security. See the Rush commentary video below.

Suspending US Elections?

North Carolina Governor Beverly Perdue spoke at a Rotary Club and suggested the Obama administration could get something done about the economy if we suspended November 2012 elections for two years.

“I think we ought to suspend, perhaps, elections for Congress for two years and just tell them we won’t hold it against them, whatever decisions they make, to just let them help this country recover. I really hope that someone can agree with me on that,” Perdue said. “You want people who don’t worry about the next election

The NewsObserver thinks Perdue’s comments were a “joke.” Her spokesman says it was “hyperbole.”

A response from a GOP spokesman Rob Lockwood:

“Now is a time when politicians need to be held accountable more than ever. To suspend an election would be removing the surest mechanism that people have to hold politicians accountable: the right to vote. Does the Governor not believe that people of North Carolina have the ability to think for themselves about whether or not the actions of elected officials are working?”

Judi McLeod, editor Canada Free Press:

This is Obama’s well-stocked position at a time when only suspended elections would guarantee his re-election.

North Carolina Gov. Bev Perdue was not joking when she spoke about suspending elections.  Nor did she pick the idea out of thin air.  Perdue was giving the suspend-congressional-elections idea its first oxygen for her hell-bent-for-leather boss.

It is crucial to not let this day go down without remembering what Perdue said.

Don’t let the state-controlled mainstream media lure you back to sleep by saying if there is no election, then why is Obama so diligently campaigning.

Obama is not campaigning.  He is preparing for Stage Two of the Total Transformation of America, using taxpayer money to prepare his Internet-identified “troops” for the coming Marxist Revolution.

He must not be allowed to get away with it.  Patriots should now be doing everything legal to stop him in his tracks.

Nothing is impossible when all the control is held by a tyrant.

Trevor Loudon at New Zeal notes:

What a coincidence! Gov. Perdue, it is time to recall, is one of ten appointed by Barack Obama to serve on a very NWO-ish sounding Council of State Governors, arrayed around the country, purposed to handle responses militaristic and otherwise, to national emergencies.

That might seem to be just the kind of council (and remember the Russian word for governing council is “soviet”) that would deal with the suspension of our Constitutional governance and the imposition of something instead which would lay in a spectrum between that and dictatorial, martial law.

As Loudon also notes, one of Perdue’s qualifications to sit the Council of State Governors is that she “is a Lead Governor on the National Guard,” whatever that means.

See Flopping Aces’ “Series of Events Leading to Expanded DOD Powers,” and the Council of Governors. This a read worthy of your time. Here’s a snippet of the rundown:

June 2009, NORTHCOM sends a Legislative Proposal to Congress, requested amending Title 10 of USC, expanding the Secretary of Defense’s powers to mobilization of the Army Reserve, Air Force Reserve, Navy Reserve, and Marine Corps Reserve to assist civil authorities in disasters and emergencies… “…thus enabling a truly Total Force approach to disaster response.” Currently, only the Commander in Chief can call up the Reserves – and only in an emergency involving “a use or threatened use of a weapon of mass destruction” or “a terrorist attack or threatened terrorist attack in the United States that results, or could result, in significant loss of life or property.”

We have seen Obama bypass Congress, tell the EPA to make law, but call it a rule. He announced this week that he will enact mortgage reform without Congress. He is restructuring the student loan program, a dance around Congress as he breaks out yet another Executive Order, and signing up voters at Occupy Wall Street.

He has refused to enforce U.S. law, such as the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and immigration enforcement laws (remember Congressman Gutierrez thanking the president for “bypassing Congress?). Just like that, flick your magic finger and the law no longer exists in the mind of this Democrat administration.

UPDATE: So we have all the problems mentioned above, and then there is the creepy news of all television and radio being suspended in November 2011. Read that here.

Rush Limbaugh: Suspending November 2012 Elections (video)

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