Rule 5 Saturday Night: Valentina Zelyaeva

Because everyone loves a pretty girl, or beautiful woman, and all-politics, all-the-time will fry your mind. This week’s Rule 5 is Valentina Zelyaeva. She is Russian and has modeled for many famous designers but is generally known for representing Ralph Lauren. See a video below.

Below the photos, find links to my friends hosting Rule 5′s this weekend.

Valentina Zelyaeva

Don’t know what a Rule 5 is? Read it here.

If I have missed your Rule 5, let me know and I’ll link. I’ll be updating the links below throughout the weekend.

The Other McCain is the master aggregator of all things Rule 5: this week get your full Rule 5 menu at Is This It?

Opus at American Perspective is my Rule 5 mentor. She showed me how to do it right with this post.  This week is Julianne Hough and includes the movie trailer for Footloose.

Reaganite Republican had a crush on Elaine Nardo. You do remember her, right?

Donald Douglas at American Power has a new video of Britney Spears. 

William at Pirate’s Cove has a sweet pinup from Art Frahm.  Are you a Warmist? Check that urge here.

Bob at the Camp of the Saints, the humble online dispatcher of beautiful ladies (I wouldn’t want you to miss a single one, so here goes) has promised his official Rule 5 later today (Sunday – check back), but find The Bevies here,  a little chat about Ashton Kucher (Demi Moore’s husband) cheating on his wife with Republican Sara Leal.  Everyone has hump days. Bob gets over his with Aurora Cossio.

Theo Spark’s Saturday Night Bath here, a Bonus Babe, some Sunday Totty here

Proof Positive’s Friday Night Babe is Jessica LowndesVintage Babe this week is Jamie Lee Curtis. 

Teresamerica has Hillary Scott and a great video. 

Randy’s Roundtable has a Thursday Nite Tart: Lyndsay Ellington

GatorDoug is still on vaca, but last week’s DaleyBabe, Melissa Riso, is worth another look.  

The POH Diaries has two homewreckers: Ashton Kutcher’s latest, Sara Leal, and Tiger Woods’ Rachel Uchitel.

Hookers and Booze Sunday Eye Candy

Fritz at A View From the Beach: A Post Office Rule 5 with video calendar.

Jamie at Eye of Polyphemus has Jessica Biel, either for a Rule 5 or just because…

Full Metal Patriot has Christian Hendricks for a Midweek Peek.

Jake Finnegan’s Burkalesque Babes is Kim Kardashian 

Rio Norte Line honors a friend’s first Rule 5 pick, and Samantha Owens.


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Valentina Zelyaeva Interview (video)

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