Rule 5 Saturday Night: Paris Hilton

It has been several weeks since I have been able to do a Rule 5. I’ve had Paris Hilton ready and waiting for a couple of weeks but a vacation and other things took priority.

Below the photos, find links to my friends hosting Rule 5′s this weekend, and I’ve tried to catch-up on some I’ve missed.

Paris Hilton

Don’t know what a Rule 5 is? Read it here.

If I have missed your Rule 5, let me know and I’ll link. I’ll be updating throughout the weekend.

The Other McCain is the master aggregator of all things Rule 5: Here are a couple of roundups I’ve missed out on (there will be another one added on October 9th): White Lies, Talk Dirty to Me, AND CURRENTLY, Global Exploitation Edition

Opus at American Perspective is my Rule 5 mentor. She showed me how to do it right with this post.  See Beautiful Israeli Women here.

Reaganite Republican had a crush on Mary Ann! and Bailey. Check out Jayde Nicole. You’ve heard a lot about “Hope” in the last few few years, but you haven’t see this (video). While not technically a Rule 5, Real Stars…and Their Cars is worthy. I loved it.

Donald Douglas at American Power has video of Denise Milani and Britney Spears here (she blogs) and here.

William at Pirate’s Cove has a pinup from Gil Evrin herea Sunday Pinup Piratess hereone for the troops from Baron Von Lind, and another by Jay Scott Pike here.  Are you a Warmist? Check that urge here, here and here.

I have a lot of catching up to do for Bob at the Camp of the Saints, who is the humble dispatcher of beautiful ladies. I wouldn’t want you miss a single one, so here goes: Rule 5’s Flavia Alessandra, Lisa Snowden, Mayrin Villanueva, and Kelly Monaco. Then there are the bevies: here, here and here. Everyone has hump days. Here’s what Bob does for his: Charlotte Kemp, Roberta Missoni, and Christine Mendoza.

Theo Spark’s Bedtime Tottie here. His Saturday Night Bath here, and Racking 9-Ball Poll with Savannah here (video)

Proof Positive’s Friday Night Babe is Eva Herzigova. Last week was Jayde Nicole, and the week before Annabelle Sciorra.  Vintage Babes are Elke Sommer, Edwige Fenech, and Gene Tierney.

Teresamerica has Sara Evans with a great video and Miranda Lambert with video.

Randy’s Roundtable has a Thursday Nite Tart: Joanna Krupa and Debora Campos.

The DaleyGator’s DaleyBabe is Melissa Riso and Mayrin Villanueva and Michelle Waterson.

The POH Diaries has a Cheryl Tweedy Hot Calendar for 2012, and Helle Thorning Schmidt.

Hookers and Booze has Poker Night and Get Your Assimilation On.

Fritz at A View From the Beach: The Indestructible Hayden Panttiere and How to Change Your Guitar Strings video.

Jamie at Eye of Polyphemus has Adrienne Curry as Princess Leia, and the women of Lost.

Full Metal Patriot has Christian Hendricks for a Midweek Peek.

Jake Finnegan’s Burkalesque Babes is Cheryl Cole and Jasmine Waltz 

Rio Norte Line has some Rule 5’ers teaching the rules for Rugby (you’ll love it) and then there’s the Golf Channel.


My Top 11 Rule 5s (click here to see all):

Lt. Col “Mac” McKenzie

Jennifer Lopez

The Donald’s Daughter

Anna Rawson

Kate Middleton

Olga Kurylenko

Carrie Underwood

A Conservative Darlin’ – Kelly Pickler

Ana Beatriz Barros

Ten Beautiful Swim Suits and the Women in Them

Girls With Guns

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  • If her last name wasn’t Hilton she would be earning her living walking up and down the streets asking men to have sex with her for money.

    • findalis, I’m not sure. She is the perfect body-style for modeling and she has made a lot of money doing it. She is quite entreprenurial, has several businesses (and yes, Daddy’s money may have funded her) – but has made a fortune for herself simply by walking down the runway.

  • I don’t care what anyone says, she is a hawt little thing…Thanks for the link Maggie.

    • Randy, I think she wears clothing better than any model ever. She has a definite sense of style and always, always looks put together. (Of course, for Rule 5’s, it always about the clothes and make-up for me:-)

    • RR, your “rag” is magnificent. Thank you.

      • No, Dame Maggie, RR actually typesets his posts on an actual rag, like the good old fashion conservative he is!

        Thanks for the massive linky love.

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  • Awww, thanks for the linki love, Maggie. Sorry I’ve been AWOL lately, but Hubby came home from deployment and I had….other things on my mind 😉

  • Sheila

    I think she’s very pretty, regardless of her last name and whatever’s been reported about her. She’s does well as a model. It shows on her print ads.

  • Nope, my cranky response is as follows. I don’t know about others but my own response to physical attractiveness of the opposite sex includes an inextricable connection between beauty and class. In this example Hilton may have positive physical attributes but her lack of class deminishes her looks. If I had to quantify that her looks might be a seven or eight. Her measure of class may not even register but let’s giver her the benefit of the doubt and place it at 3 or 4. Let’s see, 3 or 4 averaged with 7 or 8 gives her an average rank between 5 and 6. Nothing to write home about. BTW, she can write, right?

  • All hail the Princess of Skanks!

    Thanks for the link Maggie!

  • linked you, Maggie, but forgot to tell you this past weekend..

  • I like how she goes for the natural bustline, which in Los Angeles, is difficult to find. Any gal who sticks up for her “gals” is headed in the right direction.

  • Linked to Her Pinkness again…

    TV Girls I Had a Crush On When I Was 15:
    Elaine Nardo (Marilu Henner) on TAXI