RomneyCare Provided HealthCare for Illegals – More on Illegals Working at Romney Home

If Mitt Romney provided free health care for Massachusetts illegal aliens, would you care? Seems he did. Remember Perry’s debate performance charging Romney with hiring illegals to work at his home? Would it matter if he did? If he did, but the firm he hired was responsible for hiring the illegals, would you give him a pass? Would you give him a pass if illegals were still working at his home a year later? I didn’t think you would. Read it at American Power Blog.


The Republican National Committee (RNC) is a powerful fundraiser for our candidates, and is responsible for planning election strategies. We need some strategizing, and someone must lead the charge to consider that just possibly, Romney may not be the best choice, and certainly not the only choice, even though the Republican establishment seems to think Romney is the guy.

This election has Reince Preibus newly established at the head of the RNC. He is said to have solid, Tea Party grassroots creds. With candidates in Iowa this week, Preibus is quoted saying this:

“There’s only one perfect person that walked the face of this Earth.”

So far, we don’t have a “perfect” Republican candidate, and everyone knows it (almost everyone) so let’s stop anointing Romney before the primaries.

Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook

  • Thanks Maggie!

  • What’s next, children by his maid?


  • Nice catch on this one. Let us hope more folks will see the light on this RHINO. Scraping the barrel, I fear.

  • Ellen

    i absolutely wouldn’t give him a pass… i think it is still “ok” when he provided free health care for illegals, it is so “human”- i think. but if after that he hires these poor people to work for him (of course for a small money), i think it is the wrong way. i don’t respect a doctor like him anymore.

  • I don’t care if he hired 10 illegals to work in his yard. I’ve hired them to do the work that no “white” person would do at least for a reasonable price. For example, I had a above ground pool, already torn down, in partial piles and ready for someone to haul off. I called two “legal” folks and got quotes of $300 and $450 to haul off TWO pickup trucks and or large utility trailer worth of junk.
    I found a young man , who is trying to support his wife and two very intelligent children who said he would do the job for $80 because he could sell the metal at the local scrap deal for $80+ dollars. I paid him $125 and invited him to return for more work which he did. Nice ending, he and wife are now learning English and will become citizens as soon as legally possible. I continue to hire him as often as I need help with lawn and landscaping work.

    All that said I still wouldn’t vote for Romney but not for his hiring illegals.

    Would I not vote for him because of RomneyCare. Not for that reason either. Remember the 10th Amendment folks. The people of his state were in favor of this and that is, under the constitution their right to do such, so get over it and make that a non-issue as well.

    Would I not vote for him because he is a Mormon. No since there is no religious test in the Constitution on becoming or running for office of POTUS.

    Then why would I not vote for him? Because I do not believe he would stand firm on the Constitution and would not stand on his claim for a smaller government, nor is he totally committed to reducing spending.

    Those are not “small” things in my book but certainly more important than he “hired illegals” or “he passed romneycare” none of which has a thing to do with anything of importance in this election. The candidates can continue in their “peeing matches” with each other over these matters and accusing the other of not being “christian enough” or pro-life enough” and fall right into the Leftist trap and give us four more of Obama’s ruination of America.