Romney Active in ObamaCare: Romney Adviser: RomneyCare Same as ObamaCare

In last night’s Republican Presidential debate at Dartmouth College, a Romney advisor, Glenn Hubbard, was quoted saying something like ObamaCare is no different from ObamaCare (see the exact quote below). This morning there is a report that three of Romney’s top health care advisors met at the White House with Obama advisors on “a dozen” occasions, to help shape ObamaCare. One of those meetings was in the Oval Office with Barack Obama presiding. Others are saying that Romney sat-in on one of those meetings.

Mitt Romney

“The White House wanted to lean a lot on what we’d done in Massachusetts,” said Jon Gruber, an MIT economist who advised the Romney administration on health care and who attended five meetings at the Obama White House in 2009, including the meeting with the president. “They really wanted to know how we can take that same approach we used in Massachusetts and turn that into a national model.” Source: MSNBC

Glenn Hubbard in The Effect of Massachusetts’ Health Reform on employer-Sponsored Insurance Premiums):

Hubbard’s conclusions from

  • Romneycare “imposed a very large burden on small businesses and their employees.”
  • “Because the Plan’s [Romneycare] main components are the same as those of the new health reform law [Obamacare], the effects of the Plan provide a window onto the country’s future.”
  • “Policy makers should be concerned about the consequences of health reform for the cost of private insurance.”

“Mr. Romney can edit his book or run from the issue, but his own advisors say Obamacare and Romneycare are identical, costly job killers,” Miner continued.  “Romneycare will prove to be the same political cement shoes that Obamacare is for Barak Obama’s reelection effort.”

According to the study, in the years since the implementation of Romneycare:

  • Premiums for single coverage at private sector employers in Massachusetts rose by 5.9% more than national rates.
  • Premiums for family policies in Massachusetts rose by 1.5% more than national rates, but in the Boston MSA, those premiums rose by 8.1% more than premiums in the 19 largest other MSAs in the country.
  • Family premiums for small employers in Massachusetts rose by 14.4% more than national rates.

[1] “The Effect of Massachusetts’ Health Reform on Employer-Sponsored Insurance Premiums 2010”

[2] “The Economic Effects of Massachusetts Health Care Reform,” Beacon Hill Institute, 9/15/11

Glenn Hubbard is the Dean of the Columbia Business School and the former Chairman of the White House Council of Economic Advisers under George W. Bush. He is currently said to be a “top economic adviser to Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney. He is believed to be on Romney’s short list of possible top economic advisers in the event of a Romney presidency. Maybe not so much today.

One meeting, NBC News reports, “was in the Oval Office and presided over by Barack Obama.”  Jon Gruber, one of the advisers who attended the Obama meeting, said that the White House “really wanted to know how we can take that same approach we used in Massachusetts and turn that into a national model.” Especially in light of Perry’s recent “Romney Remedy” ad, Romney is distancing himself from Gruber like an embarrassing ex, as aides have tried to suggest Gruber wasn’t a really an adviser to Romney. However, as Isikoff writes, Gruber was “personally recognized by Romney when the governor signed the health-care bill into law” as well as “appointed by Romney as a board member to the Connector Authority.” Source: YahooNews.

Moonbattery reminds that “we have been down this path before” when we were asked to vote for John McLame. See other thoughts on Romney’s advisers. If Romney becomes our candidate, I’m not too concerned that he will renig on his very public and frequent promise to end ObamaCare (although I don’t like his constant talk of an Executive Order), but I do know that the Obama campaign will use the Massachusetts health care law against Romney-the-candidate. There must be something to replace ObamaCare after repeal. Romney would lead that charge, and he is too statist, and too much a part of the establishment to trust him. Oh, by the way, Romney (and Perry) talked about how they would reach across the aisle last night. Fine idea if we had some reasonable Democrats to reach-out to, but we do not.

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  • Unless the reports sourced to NBC News are false, minus this information I am still ashamed of my practical support for Romney in 2008. There were other candidates but their efforts fell short of a serious interest in being nominated.

    That said, it’s 2011 and I rejected my 2008 support for Romney. With this new ‘revelation’ all I can say is any suggestion by myself or others as to Romney’s conservative ‘cred’ in the past were woefully inflated. Minus his social issue flip-flops there is no current reason to support him in 2012.

    Apparently the GOP base, or establishment or power brokers in the Republican party feel he is the new One. I have supported Michele Bachmann and still do. I also support Herman Cain. No others, do I feel, warrant my support.

    That’s just one ordinary American’s opinion. What’s your’s?

  • Hi Stanford, I would have preferred Romney over Cain in 2008. I prefer Romney over no one other than Huntsman for 2012. If he is the only one capable of beating Obama, I prefer him big-time (with a saddened heart). My two favorites are Bachmann and Cain. I have real problems with Perry based on his past governance. I DO believe that either Romney or Perry would destroy ObamaCare. Romney would have to, but then again I wonder. Today there is the scare that Romney might pick Christie for V-P. Then we have two men very soft on immigration, both big on entitlement health care for everyone (altho they won’t admit it today), and both believe global warming is man made. A recipe for disaster.

    What happens if Romney wins by a large margin? We have a mandate and it become theirs. Terrifying. Still yet, Romney isn’t Obama.

    What a mess.

  • Mike

    You support Bachman….. LOL…. she will hand Obama a landslide re-election.

    Obamacare is NOT Romneycare…. not that it matters… Romney has stated repeatedly that he will repeal Obamacare….. hint:It’s not an issue.

    The economy and electability will be the issues for 2012…. Romney has the answer to BOTH.

    Independents / moderates will decide 2012… they will not vote for Perry, Bachman, Sanatorum, Cain. Newt has too much baggage… simply not electable.

    And Ron Paul…. he will get 5-6% of the vote at best.

    The GOP only has one candidate that can defeat Obama… that being Mitt Romney!!!!