RINO Romneys Incredible Moment in Politics

Mitt Romney stopped by a Republican Party phone bank set-up to support Ohio Governor John Kasich’s union reform that is already law. Volunteers GOPers were trying to stave off a repeal of the law through a Union referendum. Romney lapped up the attention but refused to support Kasich’s legislation, saying he wasn’t there to take a position on any ballot measure. RINO Romney has never stood in a wind he didn’t want to give the finger test to.

Republican-in-Name-Only Romney


Washington Examiner:

Kasich’s new law:

1) bans government unions from bargaining over health insurance,

2) requires that all government union members pay at least 10% of their wages toward their pensions,

3) ends seniority rights as the sole factor in layoffs,

4) replaces seniority pay raises with merit pay raises,

5) bans government unions from striking, and

6) makes government union dues voluntary. But government unions would still be able to bargain about many other topics including pay and working conditions.

The Ohio Chamber of Commerce, the Columbus Dispatch, the Cleveland Plain DealerTim Pawlenty, and multiple mayors have all backed Kasich’s law.

But not RINO Romney.

Erick Erickson at RedState:

Playing it too safe is finally biting Romney in the rear end. He’s refused to call social security a ponzi scheme. He’s refused to offer bold economic reform plans. He’s refused to address significant changes in entitlement reforms. His whole campaign has centered around tapioca.

And today, while at a call center where volunteers were calling people to support Governor Kasich’s reforms, Mitt Romney . . . well . . .

Romney could have chosen another Ohio venue, and we wouldn’t have known that he supports Union entitlements until we elect him.

Ed Morrissey at Hot Air:

But given that Romney appears to have selective principles about weighing in on ballot initiatives in Ohio, the lack of explicit endorsement will most likely hurt the campaign to defend Kasich’s PEU reforms.  That’s an outcome practically guaranteed to enrage conservatives looking to break the political stranglehold unions have on state politics and budgeting.

Steve Benen at Washington Monthly says there is “No Profile in Courage award you, Mitt.

Think about what transpired: the Republican presidential frontrunner visited with a Republican phone bank to offer support for the Republican campaign to curtail collective bargaining rights. But Romney refuses to take a position on the issue? He’s “supportive” of their efforts, but he won’t say whether or not he agrees with their efforts?


Putting aside party and ideology, it’s hard to shake the realization that Mitt Romney lacks a certain political courage. He’s so desperate to calculate how every decision might affect his ambitions that he struggles to remember what he believes, and either ends up cowardly ducking issues or taking both sides of nearly every fight. It can be hard to watch, and even harder to respect.

Exactly. If Romney cannot support healthy and fair business practice reforms, what Conservative ideas can he support? Maybe Karl Rove will try to explain this one somewhere on television tonight or tomorrow morning. He’ll need his white board, and he’ll have to forget about picking on Herman Cain to do it. A pox on the fossilized GOP establishment. Memorandum has a huge thread on this story. Find it here.  (Thanks to BlueGrass Pundit for the graphic)

UPDATE 10-27-11: ROMNEY “really, really supports Governor Kasich’s” reform law.

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  • ExAFCrewDog

    I’m getting less and less enthused about the Republican choices. It’s seemed to me, for a long time, that if there’s a way for a Republican to shoot off his d**k, he’ll find it.

  • akaangrywhiteman

    The Republican party is not a conservative party, they are a moderate party that panders to the conservative to garner his vote. They are the other half of “the lesser of two evils”. Mitt isn’t a rino, he is a true blue Republican.
    There is one rino on the docket, a self admitted rino, a man whose voting record consistently eschews big government and lauds the constitution.
    But you’re all way to smart to vote for Ron Paul aren’t you?
    You go ahead and vote for one of the fops the MSM is touting, but first go out and buy a goodly supply of your favorite K-Y cause you’ll be needing it, unless of course you like it to hurt a little.

    • akaangrywhiteman, It is doubtful anyone coming here will vote for a media fop. You need to familiarize yourself with commenters before you make such accusations.

      • akaangrywhiteman

        If my opinions chafe a bit, that’s fine, I’m in no popularity contest.

        My comment is an observation, rather than an accusation, but I would imagine there could be some ambiguity involved, depending on how well the shoe fits.

        • akaangrywhiteman, Your comment did not ‘chafe.’ It was directed to a audience that doesn’t exist here. It was uninformed. Popularity contests have nothing to do it.

  • Which finger exactly does Romney use to test the wind? Just asking…