Rick Perry on The Rock and the “N” Word Video

In this video, Texas Governor Rick Perry says his family painted over a rock, in 1984, bearing the “N-word,” at a hunting property his family leased. He pretty much says, no one could see the “N” word on the rock, because it was painted over. He doesn’t seem to give any credence to weather which could have eroded his family’s paint job. Nevertheless, people in this country have the right to write most anything they want on a rock. Assuming the property owner gave approval, the Perry family had the right to paint over it, but whatever was on the rock wasn’t the responsibility of the Perrys.

Rick Perry and Friend

Rick Perry on the “N-word” Rock (video)

Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook

  • This kind of smear stuff is rubbish, Perry had nothing to do with anything racist there, please

    He’s got bigger problems, tho… that in-state tuition comment he made (“heartless) really cooled me on the guy already)

  • When black people stop using the word Nigger, then the rest of us will stop using it and give a damn if someone does. And not before!

  • Who gives a flip? It’s the globalism, North American Union, leasing out roads, politically correct Islamacoddling, instate illegal tuition breaks, etc. that bug me.

  • Raven

    Very interesting video you got here.. I really learned a lot.. Keep posting some more!