Quote of the Day: Judi McLeod Canada Free Press: Patriots at Washington Monument Nov 11 – Restore the Constitution

Judi McLeod, the editor of Canada Free Press is writing today about JB Williams, a U.S. patriot, who is hoping for “millions” of Americas to rally to Restore the Constitution at the Washington Monument

Judi McLeod, Canada Free Press

in Washington, D.C. on Veterans Day, November 11th. In the article, Judi makes an important observation, which makes it the Quote of the Day, or better yet, the quote of the coming year:

(Bloggers and readers – let’s make this story of Restore the Constitution go viral)

None of us would have been here today had Winston Churchill decided it was too late to stop Hitler’s relentless march. ~ Judi McLeod

JB Williams is spearheading the rally known as Restore the Constitution. The webpage says “Welcome to The United States Patriots Union. There you will find “A Declaration to Restore the Constitutional Republic,” and rally details.

Canada Free Press:

In the dream of JB, millions of patriots will come together at the Washington Monument on November 11, Veterans Day…

Washington Monument

Gathering at the Monument in this critical time of America’s history will be heroic veterans, many still bearing the crippling wounds they suffered in defending what so many, both at home and abroad, consider to be the most courageous and generous country in all the world.

Others there at the Monument bear wounds and worries of the heart: Their own government is taking their beloved country down.  They are the truckers, the housewives, insurance and real estate agents, farmers, waiters and waitresses, working people trying to hang onto jobs in a deepening Recession and ‘Working People’ who never give up on the hunt for another job to feed families.

Unlike so many others out demonstrating in city parks, JB’s dream is to restore the American Constitution and to rebuild the Republic from damage already caused,  not to replace a free market society with forced-on-the-public ‘Revolution’.

The main stream media will not publicize this event, but you and I can. Barack Obama is supporting Occupy Wall Street. He will not support Restoring the Constitution, but you and I can.

Everything about JB is Move Forward in mode, and his dream rides on lighting the spark that will travel on God’s Speed by word of mouth and Internet message across the United States of America.  Not a single mainstream media has reported on the 11/11/11 Rescue Mission he’s calling to DC.

I hope you will read the entire article at Canada Free Press, full of information for America’s Constitutional patriots. A last word from McLeod:

JB’s dream is nothing less than the last chance in real time to stop the Fundamental Transformation of America into a Socialist State; a dream that is a piercing battle-cry for patriots to come join the dream; the chance for freedom lovers everywhere to realize that there is room for those who love America to take a necessary stand for her survival.

Note: Don’t even think of chiding me about comparing Obama to Hitler. Destroying our Constitution can be a first step to the evil wrought by Adolf Hitler. We have the Constitution to keep the “Hilter’s” of this world, and other unAmerican evils far from America’s borders. God Bless America, and let us never forget it is never too late to stop “relentless,” unconstitutional public servants.

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