Peter Thiel at Stanford: Our Government is Socialism Without the 5 Year Plan

Student entrepreneurs at Stanford University had the opportunity to listen to “entrepreneur and investor Peter Thiel.” He told the students, in response to a question, that the “U.S. Government is socialism without the 5-year plan,” and said as a result of that, “we have much worse outcomes than the Soviet Union in the 1950’s.”

The student followed up by asking him to summarize his desired five-year plan in a few seconds.

“Make the government much more technologically efficient,” he said. That’s the “low-hanging fruit.”

The columnist indicates that Thiel’s own portfolio doesn’t support Theil’s argument. Confusing. Is he suggesting technology can make government not only more efficient, but smaller as well? Read it at Business Insider.  Thanks to The Blaze.

Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook