Perry Drops Out of Debates? Iowa Caucus 68 Days Away: Trashing Herman Cain

A Fox News poll shows former Godfather Pizza CEO surging in their presidential candidate poll. The RCP poll shows Cain over Romney 25.9%  to 24.9. Cain has received a mountain of criticism for spending less time in Iowa than “experts” think he should, but he leads there in the polls as well. With only 69 days to the Iowa caucuses, Stacy McCain, writing at The American Spectator, looks at the Republican candidates. Are they “a flawed field?” And what can they get done in the short time between now and the January primaries? In the meantime, Jennifer Rubin reports that Texas Governor Rick Perry’s campaign has hinted he may drop out of Republican presidential debates. A campaign spokesman says Perry must use his “time wisely.” Right.

About the Cain surge:

Cain continues to build momentum in the polls. In a Fox News poll taken at the end of August, Cain garnered 6 percent and rose up to 17 percent in a Fox News poll taken in September. While Cain surges and Romney stays in place, Perry continues to sink. He took 29 percent in the August poll and 19 percent in the September one.

Remember James Carville? He’s trashing Herman Cain. The Other McCain has that story.

Brilliant cartoon by A.F. Branco at Comically Incorrect and ConservativeDailyNews

  • It’s too bad Saran Palin or Jason Chaffetz didn’t get in. Allen West, where are you?

  • Of course they are trashing Cain. He’s smarter than all of them put together. Heard someone say that O’Rielly said Cains new ad was stupid, you know the “Smoking ad”.
    I just have this to say to those such as O’Rielly and the rest of the naysayer. Don’t you wish you were as smart as Cain. He took a relative inexpensive ad, ran it once, maybe twice at a relatively small cost (time of airing) and then it went Viral. It got millions of hits within hours of the showing, more viewers than O”really” can claim and for so very little money. Now don’t you wish you were that smart, naysayers.
    Herman’s grin (like a possum eating persimmons) at the end caps it all. He is laughing at all his naysayers and saying, see what you get with a little imagination, common sense and for little to no money.
    YOU GO CAIN, let them eat their hearts out that they weren’t smart enough to think of that. hahahahhaha.

    Carl, Palin would be further behind than Bachmann who just needs to pack it in and go on back to DC and earn her money by doing the job that the folks in her home state elected her to do.
    Allen West said NO early on and he was smart. 10-1 Cain is picking his brain and will pick him for a post after election day.