Occupy Wall Street Without Steve Jobs

We have thousands of young anti-capitalists roaming the streets of New York and other major cities across the U.S., participating in the event known as Occupy Wall Street (although it’s origin

Steve Jobs

was Day of Rage). I think it is safe to say that an overwhelming majority of them have cell phones, most of them iPhones, iPods, and iPads . No doubt Wi-Fi areas have been duly noted around the protest areas – courtesy of capitalists. Not a one of these slackers would want to do without their toys – the toys that a giant among capitalists, Steve Jobs, made available to them. Each of these irresponsibles got the the money to buy their toys from some capitalist – an employer or a parent. These kids are seriously misguided.

Heard on Neal Boortz this morning: Apple’s last financial report showed a 21% profit. Shell Oil’s last report showed a 5% profit. Shell Oil is evil. Apple is not evil.

Cartoon courtesy of ChicagoRay44. Click the video to visit his FaceBook page, or…click here.

Steve Jobs: Going to College, Dropping Out, His Own Capitalism, His Own Mortality

Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook


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  • Maggie-
    would you mind giving Adrienne an heads up that some of us are having trouble posting comments at her site..Thanks

    As to Steve Jobs- a true genius —

    • Carol, I did contact Adrienne. Thanks so much for coming by.

  • Chicagoray

    Good post Maggie and it’s very apropos to a Cartoon I posted on Facebook this morning pertinent to their misguided “hate” for capitalism while using the tools Jobs created and wearing their Polo, FUBU, Hilfiger, Lacoste, Nike ghetto gear and etc all created with that evil capitalism they all hate so much.


    • Ray, that’s a great cartoon. I added it to the post and linked your FB page. Love the avatar!

      • Chicagoray

        Thanks, but you didn’t have to do that dear 😉 It IS perfect though for your post, and shows succinctly how truly demented and used these people are. If I was so sadly equipped for life I’d blow my brains out were I they at this point.

        I can’t imagine not being able to MAKE IT in the best country in the entire world, what they obviously experience because it’s not the America I live and breathe in.

        They live in a great country like this one and have no freaking clue that should they get what they’re looking for the Dems in power will be cutting their brains apart like Nazis to see what made them so ignorant and ill equipped for live outside the third world. 🙁

        Such a great country that it’ll still be here long after their gone even though despite their very best lifelong efforts to fluck it up. So sad.

        I mean these dems in power MUST sit around and go “man are these people freaking idiots. They’d jump off the Brooklyn bridge if we tell them to”..

        • Chicagoray

          Oh and the Avatar, I get alot of thumbs ups but it drives liberals and African Americans mad. I made it when that pic was uncovered and haven’t changed it since.

          It’s perfect, he reminds me of Rooster in Baretta ya know? Remember that pimp? That’s Oblamo, the Marxist race baiting class warfare pimp.

  • Put the damn fools in tents, take away their laptops, cell phones, transportation, most of their income, & everything else conveniently provided by the hated capitalist system. Let ’em horse & buggy it to the next demonstration–if they have time after chopping wood & collecting dried dung for their cooking fires. Chances are 90% of ’em would be Tea Partiers by election time…a lot sooner, if they were unfortunate enough to have to visit a dentist or a surgeon using (because of government mandate) the ‘green’ techniques & technologies of the early 19th Century.

    • Amen to all of that Bob! I hear they are asking for donations of tents and sleeping bags – all made and/or purchased by capitalists.

  • Good post, Maggie. The irony is wasted on them; they act like they think all those toys and niceties just appear in stores for them to buy. No one thought them up, invested time, money, and life’s blood to bring them into creation. These “protesters” are the organized army of the organized left.

    • Conservative Pup, when this group had their first “trial” of occupying, I heard them tell police that they wanted to do something about student loans. One policeman said, hey I agree with you, but you still can’t break the law. I wonder if any of them know that Barack Obama took over the student loan program.

  • They might have jobs if the jobs haven’t been offshored.
    I’m no communist, but I know that our country is being liquidated as we speak.
    The left blame the banks, the right blames the government.
    The Federal Reserve Banking cartel sits there through all the presidential administrations devaluing our money.
    I say, occupy the Fed until we get a full accounting.

    • republicanmother, I don’t disagree with you, but this group is not serious about the Federal Reserve. Just as standing on the steps of the U.S. Capital didn’t keep the curse of ObamaCare away, neither will standing in the streets at the Federal Reserve, or occupying it – change the fact that the Feds are a fact. This has to be done at the ballot box with small government representatives being sent to Congress. Today we have a hope that we can change things in January 2013. The only reason for that hope is the Tea Party and seeing what a Marxist in the White House actually looks and feels like.

      After January 2013, perhaps the Federal Reserve will be addressed with seriousness. The new people there will have to be the catalyst, and they will need the Tea Party support to to even begin taking the first steps. We have a long road ahead of us.