Occupy Wall Street: Paulista Federal Reserve Speech is the Issue

Ron Paul supporters are on the streets with the Occupy Wall Street protesters. Paulistas ‘get it.’ Much of what the young man in this video says is true. Too bad most of those on the streets don’t have a clue what he is talking about. If Ron Paul can find a way to make his foreign policy more palatable, it will change this country in the most desirable ways. Maybe the Occupy Wall Street groupies will learn something from this Paulista, if they aren’t busy breaking through police barricades. This is a video well-worth watching.

I doubt this man brought his sleeping bag to Wall Street.

Ron Paul Supporter – Occupy Wall Street (video)

Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook

  • Honestly, I think it’s a huge entrancement. Ending the Fed is a serious argument, although I am against it because it would put control of our monetary policy in the hands of Congress.
    It’s an embarrassment to be associated with the Occupy Wall Street crowd. Libertarian extreme was a part of that “anti-war” anti-capitalist movement since the Vietnam war. Ron Paul himself does his best to discredit good free market ideas, which is about 50% of his ideology, with the other 50% wackiness.

  • I’m glad you’re highlighting this one guy who I’ve seen make sense in the protest. The reason that most don’t understand Ron Paul’s foreign policy is that they don’t understand who is writing our foreign policy. If you follow the money around the military contracts and between the World Bank, IMF and the UN, who makes so many of the “resolutions” American soldiers are put on the line to enforce, it really makes a lot more sense to me.

    The traditional conservative foreign policy has always been antiwar going all the way back to WW1. Getting rid of regulation on small business is the key to creating jobs.

    I question the patriotism of the large multinational corporations, as their lobbyists have written up legislation in their favor and they are shipping our manufacturing base overseas. It’s not about criticizing people because they’re rich, but how did they get that way? Working their way up is one thing, getting graft and kickbacks and preferential treatment is something else totally -it’s called fascism.