Occupy Wall Street Latest Updates: Waiting for Mao Tse Tung Video

This bunch dropped the “Day of Rage” moniker quickly, didn’t they? Guess they didn’t think about the tie-in with terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dorhn in the early days of planning. Dropped that “Day of Rage” like a hot potato. Anyway, Occupy Wall Street took awhile to get going, but three weeks later, some 700 were arrested for shutting down the Brooklyn Bridge. Have you seen any of the videos taken by Sean Hannity’s man on the street? Hilarious! These people don’t have a clue. They plan to “demolish” capitalism, one young woman said. A young man said he was “born to be here.” The brightest and best of the group said he would nominate Mao Tse-Tung.  Video below.

Occupy Wall Street


Ask any one of these dysfunctional modern-day hippies (who elected Barack Obama – the recipient of millions of campaign dollars from Wall Street) what they would replace Capitalism with, and I think they might agree: Mao Tse-Tung. The “Coffee Party” didn’t work for the Left. Occupy Wall Street, the Left’s version of the Tea party, lobbying for Mao Tse-Tung should be ideal for an ideal 2012 election for Democrats, as protesters call for a Totalitarian government and the RE-ELECTION of Barack Obama.

Occupy Wall Street Occupies the Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge photo credit: Jessica Rinaldi/Reuters

What about bus and taxi drivers who make their living driving back and forth across the Brooklyn Bridge? Certainly, there was no income for them on this particular night when 700 were arrested. What about the thousands of average workers who show up in our Nation’s financial bastion to put in their day’s work for their day’s wages…on Wall Street? Has a thought been given to them?

Teacher’s were on the streets today, some grading papers – right there on Wall Street, or in the parks, or wherever the occupiers have been able to place a foot. The Transit Workers Union, SEIU, Workers United, United Federation of Teachers and the Communication Workers of America have announced they will be occupiers, as well. In a Totalitarian government, these powerful Unions wouldn’t fare well.

Surely there is someone among them with a plan – something more than “demolish Capitalism.” An idea of replacing it with what? check the globe. There is no replacement. Don’t you think if any one of these irresponsibles were handed the key to their own little company, at no monetary investment to them – just unlock the door and get your business going – not a one of them (not a single one) would turn it down?

I have a lot of faith in America’s young adults. In the days before the “occupiers” took to the streets, I read many cogent comments from obviously young organizers, about their desire to make society better – saying it wasn’t political, but was about doing the right thing. I liked the enthusiasm – which seemed fresh at the time, but in the follow-on there was an astonishing lack of detail – in fact, there was no detail. It was obvious some did understand some of the problems we face as a Nation, but at the same time, it was painfully apparent that naivete had run a-muck.

Signs of “Greed Kills,” plastered around New York City in the country that feeds more people across the world than any other is insulting to all of us who donate in national emergencies, pay our taxes, raise our children to do well in school, and support our families without help from Uncle Sam. Want to guess at the cost of the clean-up? Read background on Occupy Wall Street and it’s backers here.

Occupy Wall Street – On the Street (video)

Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook

  • Mommie and Daddy need to yank their younguns up , take them home give them a bath, bust their butts for being stupid and put them to bed without supper.

    Of course many of them come from dysfunctional “progressive” families who are still hung over from the 60’s protest movement. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree must be very true.

    • There is not one among them that has ever had to work for a living, go without a meal or live on the streets.

      These are the cuddled, spoiled brats of the left.

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  • They should be occupying the Fed – I hear a counter group is starting to do just that. This whole thing may be a rent-a-mob to get people like us talking up capitalism and defending these big banks. What’s hilarious is that these big banks are most likely part of the Fed, they most certainly aren’t part of the free market. It’s so funny that these people are clamoring for communism when these banks have a demonstrable track record of funding communism in Russia, as Antony Sutton has meticulously documented.

    Anyway, I hear George Soros and Moveon and gone down to hijack this thing. That’s where the irony is, as George Soros is a Wall Street as anyone.

  • Judy

    That video was hilarious. How often do we get to listen to a leftist record Hannity/Fox and then give us a play by play of conservatives reporting on what they are watching the leftist do. Priceless.
    I probably didn’t explain that very well. Hopefully you get my meaning.
    They should have been on the Brooklyn Bridge with the other crazies.

  • It’s good to see the best liberals have to offer on display. Who needs campaign ads when liberals are willing to expose the failure of their agenda leading up to 2012?

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