Occupy Wall Street Defacing Mocking 9/11 Statue: Famous Double Check a Symbol of Capitalism

Anti-capitalists have placed propaganda (paraphernalia, personal belongings, trash) on and around an iconic statue known as ‘Double Check’ in New York’s Liberty Park. The bronze by Seward Johnson depicts a business man sitting on a bench, “double checking” his briefcase (perfect symbol of capitalism) before heading to work at his high rise. The statute was located across the street from the World Trade Center. It’s moorings were loosened when the 9/11/01 attacks occurred, but the statue remained – so realistic that emergency workers saw “the man” covered by debris and went to offer aid. The photo below is Double Check immediately after the attack. Those following show the disrespect shown by the “occupiers.”

Double Check

Latest photos of “Occupation” and Double Check:

Disgraceful to mock this symbol of survival with a dirty bandanna!

This story reminds me of the Leftist Union thugs and anti-government crowd who did a ‘live-in’ in the beautiful Wisconsin State Building, taped signs on a Veteran’s Memorial and destroyed marble, costing taxpayers $7.5 Million in repairs.

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