Occupy Oceanside: Deputy Mayor Esther Sanchez’ Aide Kyle Krahel Organizes Occupy Oceanside

Kyle Krahel-Frolander is all smiles at the chance to be interviewed by Mark Dice. He identifies himself as a “just one of the people, a participant.” But the truth is, Kyle is the aid to Oceanside, California’s Deputy Mayor, Esther Sanchez, and it his name was on the Occupy Oceanside Facebook page as a ‘page creator’ (see it in the video).  Krahel-Frolander’s name is not currently showing on The Facebook page. Dice asks if he ‘created’ on the people’s dime. Later Krahel suggested “nationalizing” the Federal Reserve. Gotta love Dice’s dreadlocks.

Oceanside Deputy Mayor, Esther Sanchez

Mark Dice is a 9/11 Truther. He’s controversial. I’m not promoting anything other than this video which seems to point to a city official’s aide organizing Occupy Oceanside, and protestors who parrot “we are the 99%.”

Mark Dice at Occupy Oceanside (video)

Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook

  • David

    Is that really DM Esther Sanchez or is it really Mike Myers in the new Austin Powers 4 movie?

  • Why do you need a deputy mayor that has an assistant? Wasteful and redundant. Both should be removed and the positions dissolved.

    Kyle Krahel is paid through the extraction of other people’s wealth by taxation. If those taxes are not paid, deadly force will be used to collect them if you resist. He’s the fascist. He is the problem. He is a shill for the banks, government and crony capitalism and has been outed.