Obama Hillary Petitions Faked 2008: Indiana Primary Petition Signatures Forged 2008:

Indiana Republican then-Governor Joe Kernan, and the South Bend Mayor at the time, say their signatures on petitions to place Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton on the 2008 ballot are fake. Linda Silcot is the Republican head of the County Voter Registration office. Her signature was stamped while she was absent from the office due to the death of her husband. A forensic document analyst identified pages appearing to have been filled-out by a single person. The Indiana Republican Party has called for a federal investigation.

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton

Pullout Quote:

“The integrity of every election is of the utmost importance,” Holcomb said in a news release. “This weekend’s disturbing news that perhaps hundreds of ballot access petition signatures submitted by the campaigns of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are fraudulent raises real questions about the integrity of our process and whether or not those individuals should have been on the primary ballot in the first place.” ~ South Bend Tribune

South Bend Tribune:

Typically, petition pages in St. Joseph County are signed by hand by both the Republican and Democratic members of the Board of Voter Registration…

In early 2008, however, Silcott missed a number of days of work because of the death of her husband. Consequently, her first deputy, Mary Carrol Ringler, often stamped Silcott’s signature on the pages.

Each of the suspected fake petition pages bear Silcott’s stamped signature, indicating the documents passed through the office on days when she was off.

Though Ringler was the only person permitted to use the stamp, she kept it in an unlocked desk drawer, Silcott said.

In addition, Ringler only began working in voter registration on Jan. 22, 2008. The suspicious petition pages are dated Jan. 28 and 29 and Feb. 4 and 5, within the first two weeks of her arrival.

The handwritten signature for the Democrat member of the Board of Voter Registration, Pam Brunett, appears on the backs “of the suspicious petition pages.” See a copy of what the South Bend Tribune calls “Five petitions, one writer” here.

So there will be an investigation, BUT…receipts that would have identified the people who gathered the signatures for Obama and Hillary are required to be held for only 24 months. They no longer exist. Clinton’s office isn’t talking and “the Obama campaign” referred the matter to the Indiana Democrat Party, which is quoted saying they support an investigation. Thanks to my friend and Master Sculptor, David Lemon for the tip. Visit his amazing studio here.

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  • ACORN in action!

  • Gerald

    O.T. Brooklyn congressman (Edolphus Towns) has recently introduced a law in the U.S. House which will protect President Obama’s presidential records from prying eyes after he is thrown out of office come Nov 2012. If this law is passed the American people will never get to know who was the man they elected to be President of their country. The thought is frightening.
    Hat tip to Judi Mcleod at Canada Free Press.
    There is more at this two sites.

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    Indiana Democrats had to CHEAT?? Well, you guys pretend to have integrity and I’ll pretend to be surprised.

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