Movie The Hospital: Failed Great Society – ‘Explosion of Petulance’

The Hollywood Republican highlights two 1970’s movies foreseeing the eruption of diehard Leftist idealogues in the midst of the failed Great Society.  I was particularly interested The Hospital, by Paddy Chayefsky, which I haven’t seen. Writer Kevin Rush says “Forget Romneycare, Paddy Chayefsky’s The Hospital” was the Blueprint for Obamacare.” The videos below are The Hospital Part 1 and 2, a little less than 10 minutes each of the movie opening.

George C. Scott in The Hospital

Dianna Rigg stars and in the second video below you’ll see a glimpse of Susan Sarandon who snagged a speaking part. If there is one thing I get from these videos, it’s that nothing ever changes.

Kevin Rush @ Hollywood Republican (my emphasis):

While strict ideological Leftists observing the explosion of petulance, incoherence and stagnation known as Occupy Wall Street look for something to hail as a rekindling of former Leftist movements, which, though they too failed, had “an energy” about them, rational witnesses see the direct fruits of corrosive Liberal policies long poisoning the American body politic.

Present among the unwashed and infrequently toileted denizens of the mob is the spoiled whining born of decades of entitlements, the dense illogic produced by a failed educational system, and the rabid in-fighting of jealous nitwits indoctrinated into a culture of victimhood, which eschews industry in favor of thuggery, and redistribution, i.e. theft, in place of earning.

If The Hospital represents what I read in Rush’s remarks, no one would invest in the production today.

Read the entire article, discover the second Chayesfsky movie mentioned and view a great clip and monologue of The Hospital with George C. Scott.  The following video sets the scene for what is coming in the monologue.

The Hospital – Part 1 (video)

The Hospital Part 2 (video)

Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook

  • Now I’m sucked in. I just ordered the movie so I can watch on our TV.

  • ExAFCrewDog

    I remember seeing this when it came out. At the end I realized I’d been laughing at the screwups, but every incident was plausible. And that was frightening!

  • Since smoking has popped up in the political scene… not the massive amount of smoking.. also the lack of computers, and cell phones..