Missing Baby Lisa Irwin: Cadaver Dog Gets Hit of Dead Human on Parent’s Bedroom Floor

Just heard this report on Fox News. A cadaver dog has signaled a hit of a dead human on the floor of the parent’s bedroom of baby Lisa Irwin. The mother, Deborah Bradley and father, Jeremy Irwin gave permission for the dog to work the house. The report also said that cadaver dogs are 90% accurate. Prayers for that beautiful little baby girl. I will have ongoing updates here. Second Source: Kansas City Star

Deborah Bradley and Missing Baby Lisa Irwin

UPDATE: Fox says the search warrant reveals “discrepancies” in the parent or parent’s story. More when those are made available.

UPDATE: Search warrent reveals “freshly turned dirt” in backyard of parent’s home (garden area of recently turned dirt).

UPDATE: Judge Jeanine Pirro says police took purple shorts out of the house. Deborah Bradley said she put Baby Lisa to bed in purple shorts. Police also took out a Disney shirt. The mother said Lisa was put to bed in a Disney shirt. Police also took a blanket, tape and tape dispenser out of the home.

UPDATE: The search warrant revealed that the day Baby Lisa was reported missing, the police asked her to go into the backyard with them. She refused, saying she was “afraid of what they might find.”




  • Did you ever notice how these two never look at each other? During the interview that I watched these two never once looked at each other, touched each other, much less hugged each other as would NORMAL grieving parents in this situation.

    Dad (if indeed he is the Dad) seldom speaks at all. Mom does all the talking and seems very flippant about her being drunk, drinking with a MALE neighbor, passing out etc.

    Too many questions and no answers. Oh and why all of a sudden a big wheel attorney, who in my opinion looked more like and acted like a Mafioso than an attorney, showing up. Who is paying? Just like who is paying for the “investigator”?

    • ExAFCrewDot

      My first thought when I saw the “parents” was how calm/disinterested/stoned the “dad” looked. I also wondered why they weren’t clinging to each other. I can’t imagine not holding on to my wife, tightly, in a situation like that. But that’s just me.

      • ExAFCrewDot, I thought the same thing. No contact with these two. He looks at the floor. I think he knows she did something. I so wanted the Mom not to be guilty.

  • brian partridge

    I would like to know who is the neighbor and what time did he leave. If he left lets say 9pm or so, it would seem odd to me why the mother would not do a check on her baby. The other thing that I would like to know if she was supposedly seen purchasing the wine box at 530 on the day Lisa disappeared, then who was she with and if Lisa was not with her who was watching her. I wonder if the clicking her childen reported hearing could be the sound of the bed bang during sex with the neighbor guy??? or pehaps the reason she got drunk is because she did do something to hurt little Lisa who maybe was fussing and interfering with her “adult time” Questions that need answers.

    • brian partridge: I didn’t know the neighbor was male, but knew the neighbor was their and got “tipsy” with her, while she was drunk – that’s according to her story. The young man with her at the store was her brother according to television reports, and I heard the father was still home at that time, before leaving for work that night. I also had not heard the story of “scratching.”

  • IS

    As I have said before elsewhere, we are going to find that the mom did it.

    Once found guilty, I hope they fry her. I seriously hope they do. She deserves nothing less.