Michael Donte Booth Occupy Wall Street Praying Man: Naked, Intoxicated, Covered in Olive Oil in Public

Michael Donte Booth, currently known as Occupy Wall Street’s “praying man” reportedly is wanted in Mishawaka, Indiana on criminal charges of being naked, intoxicated and covered in olive oil in a public park. He was sunbathing. I’m reminded that children inhabit public parks. Currently, he has been praying…or something, was arrested for doing so in the middle of a busy New York City street and shutting down traffic. He was arrested along with 14 others. See a video of his New York arrest below. The music and the drama will amuse you, or not.

Occupy Wall Street Praying Man, a/k/a Michael Booth

In Mishawaka, police found him sunbathing on a blanket, lying on his back with a bottle of olive oil, a pack of Marlboros, a couple of cans of Miller beer, his clothing and a book, Gay Power, close by. He told the Indiana police officers he was from New York, and said “I’m a Republican and the cigarettes pay your taxes.” Booth initially gave police a bogus name.

Occupy Wall Street’s Praying Man Fled Criminal Charges in Indiana (video)

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