Marco Rubio Staff Heavy with Former Romney Staffers: Rubio Campaign Behind Early Florida Primary?

The Other McCain has an exclusive story today that answers some questions about the sudden and abrupt move of Florida primaries from March to January 2012. After breaking the Republican National Committee (RNC) rules, we will now have numerous primaries in January 2012, and perhaps New Hampshire in December of this year. Not a good thing, in my opinion. Primaries aren’t until August 2012. Moderate Floridians inside the Republican party in Florida were suspected, but today it seems Rubio, and/or his staffer, Cesar Conda, were behind the mission to pull-out all stops and give Mitt Romney his best opportunity to win this important state. At least 6 former Rubio aides, while Rubio served in the Florida Senate, worked in Romney’s 2008 campaign. The speculation is that the Rubio campaign’s helping hand might put Rubio on the Vice Presidential ticket with Romney. See an important update below.

Marco Rubio

The Other McCain (please read the entire story here) – the following is only a snippet:

“Cesar used to be with Romney’s campaign,” one informed source explained to me in an interview today, adding: “Conda used his contacts to push the primary to the 31st because they want Romney in.”

Conda’s loyalty to Romney was highlighted in a Politico story by Scott Wong last week: “At least six past and current Rubio Senate aides, including chief of staff Cesar Conda and his deputy, Terry Sullivan, worked for Romney’s 2008 presidential bid, establishing a direct link and a line of communication between the front-runner for the 2012 GOP nomination and the front-runner in the Republican veepstakes. There’s also a trail of fundraisers, donors and consultants who have overlapping relationships with Rubio and Romney.”…

Some have speculated that, by delivering Florida for Romney, Conda would not only help Romney lock up the 2012 presidential nomination, but also secure the 2012 vice-presidential pick for Rubio

The first clue was Rubio’s refusal to join the Tea Party Caucus, even with heavy Tea Party support in the 2010 elections. To-date, I do not find his name listed as a Caucus member. After Governor Chris Christie’s endorsement and appearance with Romney this week, he is also thought to be on Romney’s short list. If the RINO (Republican In Name Only) option is the only option, then the depth of depression for many of us can’t be expressed.

Rubio seems not to be a supporter of Climate Change (Christie is). Rubio has supported in-state tuition for illegal aliens in the past. In May 2010, leading up to the election, he supported Arizona’s new immigration law, but this report says Rubio is fairly mum on immigration these days. In September 2011 he was highly critical of the Islamic persecution of the Iranian Christian pastor. Maybe he would never work to place a Muslim on the U.S. Supreme Court…unless Romney asks him to. Christie installed the second Muslim on the New Jersey Superior Court.

UPDATE 4:40 pm CDTSenator Rubio is directly denying he or his staff had anything to do with moving the Florida primaries up to January 2012 from March. Details here.

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