Map Coal-Fired Plant Closing Across U.S. – 2.5% of Generating Capacity – 30X All Solar Generation

The Institute of Energy Research (IER) has released a map of likely coal-fired powerplants to close in the near future due to EPA regulations. We will lose 2.5% of America’s entire generation capacity (equal to closing every powerplant in the state of North Carolina or Indiana). That 2.5% equals “30 times the installed capacity of all solar utility generation in the U.S.”

Big Government:

IER President Thomas Pyle said, “These rules will make electricity more expensive and less reliable. They will cost thousands of workers their jobs, require millions of consumers to pay more for electricity, and mean billions of dollars will have to be spent to build replacement power. At least they will fulfill the President’s campaign pledge to make the cost of electricity ‘necessarily skyrocket’…

The 28 gigawatts in closings are about twice as much as the 14.5 gigawatts EPA had originally predicted would close as a result of the rules. It is also more than the worst case scenarios had projected — analysis by the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) anticipated that CSAPR and the Utility MACT would close 20 GW of generating capacity.

Finally, our work [IER] indicates that these EPA regulations will have a dramatic impact on states reeling from economic hardship. For example:

• Ohio: 2,894 MW retired, 8.6% of state total generating capacity.

• West Virginia: 2,448 MW retired, 14% of state total generating capacity.

• Indiana: 2,168 MW retired, 7.5% of state total generating capacity.

• Tennessee: 1,376 MW retired, 6.2% of state total generating capacity.

• Missouri: 1,325 MW retired, 6.3% of state total generating capacity.

• Wisconsin: 902 MW retired, 5% of state total generating capacity.

Thanks to Judy W. for the important tip.

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  • Expect rolling blackouts, and massive layoffs.

    Under the Obama regime we will soon look like Zimbabwe.

    • findalis, the rolling blackouts were supposed to be a part of this story, but I couldn’t find the original source. We are to expect them.

  • Never fear for his greenweenies will vote for him and the coal miners who are UNION will be forced to vote for him and most of them have been on the “work farm”aka, the plantation for so long they can’t survive without government holding their hand so he doesn’t care. He’s satisfying his base of eco-terrorist and that’s what counts with him.

    • ticker, eco-terrorism is an accurate term.